Divine Messages and Spiritual Power Tools to Transform Your Life

Carolyne Cathey w Divine Messages BookAre you happy with your life?  Do you dream of something better?  Do you feel impotent as if you have no control over your situation? Do you suffer with guilt and fear instead of enjoying peace and joy? Are you sick of feeling less than you know you can be?  Would you like to feel stronger, in control of your life, empowered?

Discover and use the Spiritual Power Tools gifted to you by The Divine that provide all of the answers and solutions to your life problems, direction and goals.

This website is about Divine Messages that come through me and are meant for you to use to use to create the life you want.  The messages are Eternal Truths for you to know, accept and embody, such as…

  • You are One with The Source (God, Creator, Unlimited Supplier, Pure Love, Great Mind…)
  • The Source is your Unlimited Supplier, not a human. (You are to turn to God for all things).
  • You are loved, unconditionally and without judgment.  Love yourself as God loves you.
  • You are never alone – a continual connection with God.
  • Abundance from the Divine is a free-flowing fountain, never-ending, a gift for you to access, accept and use.
  • Celestial beings are always there to help you anytime, anyplace, in any situation – all you have to do go inside yourself and ask, trust and allow.

What are these Spiritual Power Tools?

  • Oneness(You are one with your Creator, never separate, never alone, always connected.)
  • Love(Love yourself as God loves you, unconditionally and without judgment.)
  • Abundance(The Unlimited Supplier provides an abundant Universe, no limitation, free-flowing for you to access).
  • Divine Communication(For everyone, always, and this includes YOU.)
  • Power to Choose(Choices for your life are yours alone to make and determine your path. Choose well.)
  • Cause and Effect(Work backwards. To change your life, know what results you want, then decide what steps to take to achieve them.)
  • Visualizations and Faith – (The secret as to how the Power Tools work to redirect your life onto your desired path.)
  • Forgiveness and Gratitude – (Free yourself from the bondage of unforgiveness.  Find the gift.)
  • Receiving and Giving (Sharing the Love you receive from Your Source brings you joy.)
  • Evolution and Expansion – (Once you experience expanded Enlightenment, you will choose to evolve into ever-more Truth.)
  • Surrender (The ultimate for a blissful life.  Surrendering to the Great Love that knows what is best for you.)

Divine Messages are meant for all  – (one of the Spiritual Power Tools)

Messages from the Highest Power are the key to peace, happiness and a transformed life. Divine Communication that is available to everyone is one of the strongest Power Tools provided by the Divine for you to use to create the masterpiece that is your life. Don’t allow fear or ignorance to block you from the continual communication between you and the Divine. Open to that Truth.  Learn how to develop and use this Spiritual Power Tool.  –—

Source of the Divine Messages: Your Source for Divine Messages will be unique to you; there are other Ascended Masters, Archangels and Spiritual Mentors who, with your permission, will guide you.  Jesus is my Spiritual Mentor and personally called me to serve as a conduit for the Eternal Truths he is eager to share with you, but this isn’t about being a Christian or any particular religion, or any religion at all.  This is about Eternal Truths that are always True now and forever, Truths that can enrich and transform you and your life.

What if you struggle with the concept of Jesus as the source of the messages that come through me to share with you?

The Eternal Truth is the Eternal Truth no matter the source though which it comes. These are God-Truths beyond any man-defined barriers and too-small boxes into which we laughably believe we can cram the Divine.  Through his Divine Messages you will learn that much of what we’ve been taught about Jesus, or Jeshua Ben Joseph, isn’t necessarily the Truth.  He reveals that he and his teachings were misrepresented throughout the millennia. One fact you will discover is that he doesn’t want to be worshiped; he wants partners through whom he can share The Creator’s love and therefore change your life for the better – which is what he called me to do in service to humanity.  Saying ‘yes’ and allowing those messages to flow has blessed my life with wonders I never dreamed possible.  After answering the call, I am filled, not as before with fear and guilt, but to overflowing with joy, peace and love.  A magnificent result can be yours as well if you open to The Divine, trust, and allow.

What about guilt?

Part of the healing from these messages is that they release us from guilt. This isn’t about being deserving or good enough. It’s realizing who we already are, who we were created to be, but have forgotten. I’m being told by the Divine that the time has come to for you to remember.

Please know that none of us earn the Creator’s love. There is no need. Our Creator loves you no matter what you’ve done or how you’ve lived. God IS love. And you are created in God’s image – Love’s image – meaning you are created from love as an extension of God, which is why you are only truly happy when you are being loving because that is being true to who you are.

I’m compiling the messages into a book called The Spiritual Health Book, complete with worksheets, guided meditations and prayer affirmations. The book is filled with messages about everything from how to clean your house, to career and life-partner choices, and much more. Please stay tuned.

Welcome and God bless.

Carolyne Cathey


8 thoughts on “Divine Messages and Spiritual Power Tools to Transform Your Life

  1. Hello Carolyn:

    Thank you for putting this together. I recognize eternal truth in much of what you have shared here.

    I have a simple question. Steven Doyle and I have been meeting with several members of the community for over two years now. We have spent over a hundred hours discussing this and similar topics. Tanya Wyldflower, the Director of your Center For Spiritual Living, has been facilitating the discussions. Tanya doesn’t display a need to be the teacher. We all learn from each other. Why haven’t we seen you at any of our group discussions?

    This is a topic that draws from an vast assortment of disciplines, several of which span centuries and virtually all the world’s cultures, religions and mystical paths. I suspect that we have much to learn from each other.


    Charlie Engel


    • Thank you, Charles. I’m honored by your request. I’m focusing my time on a book I’m compiling on the Divine Messages I receive and are meant for all – practical applications for everyday life. I’m also offering 2 workshops a month, helping with the Center as practioner student, taking the student practitioner classes, am on the MCSL board, speak at Westport once a month, and am getting ready to co-lead a class with Rev. Rio Parfrey starting next month at the center on “The Teaching of Jesus, Unearthing the Eternal Truths.” Plus be a wife and mother. So you see, my time is filled in following my mission. THANK YOU FOR ASKING.


  2. Hello Carolyne:

    Thank you for the response. I am a bit surprised that you haven’t been able to find any time to discuss non-duality with your community in general and our group in particular. You are basically saying that although you are teaching non-duality you can’t find the time to spend an hour, out of an entire year, participating in our ongoing discussion. It would appear that everything else you are doing is more important. I’m just trying to figure out why that is so.

    I am curious about the context for your Teaching of Jesus but I am left with the realization that neither you nor Rev. Rio Parfrey are interested in the fascinating topics we have been discussing. We have been discussing Christian teachings in the context of history and world religion. Are you interested in comparative religion?



    • Charlie, right now I’m focusing on going direct to source. I admire you for your continuing studies. There is more to share with you, but I’ll do so privately rather than on the public blog site.


    • In the book, “Divine Messages from Jesus, for a magnificent life”, I describe how Jesus called me to serve him, and I said ‘Yes’. The result is this book where Jesus presented eternal truth messages through me that are meant to share with you, and the world. I’m honored to serve, but the truth is, that everyone has that opportunity. All you have to say is “Use me” but make certain that the messages you receive are from the Divine, not from ego. The book explains how you can tell the difference. There is a joy in serving as a partner and teammate that can only be understood by experiencing it. As Jesus told me in the book, to present the truth as he shares it, but it is up to others as to how they react or perceive it.

      God bless you.


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