Love Thine Enemy


LTECoverMtnTitleLOVE THINE ENEMY:  Betrayal, survival and an against-all-odds love that seduces the enemy – including the enemy within.

France, 1355 AD, during the Hundred Years’ War when England battled for the French Crown.


What’s more dangerous than hating the enemy who stole your lands?  Loving the enemy who stole your heart.

 The thieving knight steals her castle then threatens to secrete her forever in a convent.

 Lady Rochelle’s only option:   Seduce her enemy.


Lady Rochelle must seduce Becket before he imprisons her in a convent, and before he uncovers the secret about her half-brother who carries the enemy’s seed the mysterious knight vows to eradicate, and before he discerns her intention to furtively seek aid from the French king to oust his usurping knight from her lands.  At least he’s not one of the hated English who ravages their country to with the French Crown.

Sire Becket swears to secrete Rochelle in a convent so that his enemy’s bloodline will die with her, and before he succumbs to her seductions that tempt him to forget she’s his enemy.  And before she discovers he’s an English knight.





Love Thine Enemy won awards in every writing contest in which it was entered:

  • First Place in Oklahoma Writer’s Federation, Inc.’s Historical Romance Category;
  • First Place in Northeast Oklahoma’s Romance Author’s Crystal Heart contest;
  • Second Place in Monterrey Bay California’s Silver Heart contest.

Soon to be e-published on Kindle.

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