Proofing the Paperback of Love Thine Enemy

LTECoverMtnTitleI’ve loved proofing the paperback version of Love Thine Enemy. (I’m waiting for proof #2 to make sure I’ve caught all formatting errors and made other improvements before publishing.)

  • For one, I’m pleased I’m finally nearing completion of a published book after months of writing and rewriting and rewriting and critiquing and rewriting.

  • For two, I really enjoy this story.  I love the characters and I love the story.   I love their passion and determination against seemingly impossible odds.  I love that they share their lives with us – survivors in a real time period with real challenges.

As I read through the proof I realize the characters told their own story and I was merely the vessel through which the story flowed.  Oh, I had the outline worked out, but as the story unfolded, the characters surprised with me with twists and turns I never expected.  And yes, I, the writer, was as startled as will be the reader.

As I wait for the second proof of Love Thine Enemy, I’m proofing The Wager, but more about that book later.

Of course, you might prefer the e-book version.

Later, friend.


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