Only a few days to REGISTER: Spiritual Power Tools Workshop ~ “SURRENDER”

Spiritual Power Tools Workshop Testimonials: “Excellent workshop!” “You have a gift!” “The workshop was very beneficial.” “I loved best the experiences and confirmation of my communication with the Divine.” “Keep developing more workshops!” “In starting the process it is already happening.”


05-21-2015 Surrender Workshop FlyerMay 21, 2015: “Surrender” ~ See Flyer  What is surrender? Why is surrender the ultimate in Spiritual Awareness?  What fears and hindrances might be blocking you from complete surrender?  Loss of control over your life? Fear you’ll be forced into a lifestyle or situations you won’t like?  The workshop is a deep exploration of what surrender means to you, what to release, what you’ll gain, what to expect, and how to develop one of the most powerful Spiritual Tools to experience a joy-filled life.  See Flyer 

Time: 6 to 8:30 pm.  Location: The Gathering Place, (back hallway of The Company Store, 303 N. Main, Fort Bragg, CA. Park in Redwood St. Parking Lot, Map

Register in Advance: or REGISTER Online

Workshop Schedule

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