“Receiving & Giving” Workshop ~ No charge, but donations appreciated.

Receiving and Giving - MLCU ad

“Receiving and Giving. Connected. One. Impossible to separate – like you from your Creator. Knowing this oneness within the Oneness opens your mind and heart to more abundant thinking, choices, actions and living. This is because you are receiving and giving from an attitude of trust in the limitless abundance provided by Your Source. How you receive and give reveals your confidence in the Unlimited Supplier that supplies all of your needs. Embodying, or living this truth, is powerful.” ~ Divine Message

Limited space so register early.  ContactMe@CarolyneCathey.com

Donations always appreciated at event.

7 thoughts on ““Receiving & Giving” Workshop ~ No charge, but donations appreciated.

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  2. Hello Carolyne, I’m wanting to be in the flow of giving and receiving.  Please put me down for Wednesday afternoon. Peace, Joy, and Love,Warren From: Carolyne Cathey To: carolyne_cathey@hotmail.com Sent: Wednesday, September 2, 2015 2:25 PM Subject: September 16 & 17: “Receiving & Giving” Workshops ~ NOW FREE WordPress.com | Limited space so register early by responding to this email or calling 707.272.5397. | |

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  3. Carolyne- can you take the words free off the info and put donation only as it isn’t free- it costs money to rent the Center and we have to pay rent so we have to ask for donations….


  4. ThankYou, Carolyne!
    As of this very moment, it is RAINING!!!
    At Your previous Workshop on Visualization, I visualized RAIN & so did everyone there!
    I’ll likely be seeing You in a couple of hours!



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