THIS WED. & THU. “RECEIVING & GIVING” ~ Spiritual Power Tools Workshop

Receiving and Giving - MLCU adTHIS WED OR THU. “Receiving & Giving” Workshop ~ No charge, but donations appreciated. A GREAT WORKSHOP FOR MORE ABUNDANT THINKING AND LIVING.
by Carolyne Cathey ~ 9/16 @ 1-3pm; or 9/17 6-8:30 pm. The Gathering Place (The Company Store) 303 N. Main, Fort Bragg

“Receiving and Giving. Connected. One. Impossible to separate – like you from your Creator. Knowing this oneness within the Oneness opens your mind and heart to more abundant thinking, choices, actions and living. This is because you are receiving and giving from an attitude of trust in the limitless abundance provided by Your Source. How you receive and give reveals your confidence in the Unlimited Supplier that supplies all of your needs. Embodying, or living this truth, is powerful.” ~ Divine Message

Limited space so register early.
Donations always appreciated at event.

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