9/11/16 Carolyne Cathey ~ “Turning Your Wants into Realities” 10 am. Westport CA

SEPTEMBER 11, 2016, 10 AM: CAROLYNE CATHEY speaks on “TURNING YOUR WANTS INTO REALITIES”, Westport Community Center, 24900 Abalone Street, Westport, CA    Map

“Visualizations and faith are where miracles happen.  Believing, trusting, knowing without doubt it will happen.  Move from your head to your heart where you ‘know’ the Truth.  Knowing is from within the heart, not the head.

The secret to success is when  all of your energy is focused into what you want, (not scattered like foam atop an ocean wave that blows where the wind takes it and not necessarily where you want it to go),  but focused like the energy in a storm  wave – strong, powerful, moving in one direction – to your goal.”

Join us for discussion on how to focus your energy.  What fears or distractions hamper your success of turning your wants into realities?

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