Divine Messages, Part 2: Second “Calling” – The Cross

 True Story from “Divine Messages from Jesus for a magnificent life” by Carolyne Cathey


Years later I was living with my daughter to help take care of the grandchildren.

I awoke one morning with the hymn “Trust and Obey” going through my head. I knew I was awake because even though my eyes remained closed, the music continued to thread through my mind as the children visited during breakfast, making plans for their day at work or school. Wondering about the music only I could hear, I opened my eyes, and stilled, astonished by what I saw above me.

A large cross shimmered on the ceiling! Approximately four feet long and three feet wide. The vision looked like a glowing, rippling water-reflection about four inches deep and with clearly defined edges. I blinked several times thinking the image would surely disappear, but every time I opened my eyes again, the watery, light-filled cross remained. I stared at it for several moments with the ‘Trust & Obey’ music still going through my mind and with the children still talking in the other room.

I wondered if there was sunlight reflecting off water outside of my bedroom window that would shine that particular shape on the ceiling. With the cross still gleaming above me, I rose and looked out of the window. There was no water anywhere, just grass and dirt. There was nothing that would reflect anything, much less a cross.

When I looked up at the ceiling again, the cross had disappeared. But I’ve never forgotten and I’m still in awe.

I sensed that Jesus was saying:

“It’s time. It’s time to focus on your deeper spiritual growth and to experience life beyond anything you’ve ever dared dream.”

I sensed a definite purpose for my life that only Jesus knew, but what an attention grabber with that cross on the ceiling!

Glancing out of the window again, and still in wonderment about what I had seen and heard, I noticed that the hip of the next-door roof angled upward before it ended, something I had never noticed before.

The message came to me to look at things from a different angle, that Divine messages come through in myriad ways via unexpected methods, even ones I had been taught in the Bible Belt that were occult, like meditation and tarot.  

After the vision of the cross, there began a rapid adventure of exciting messages and awakenings and happenings that still amaze me.

(To be continued)

Next: Divine Messages, Part 3: Source of the Messages. As you read…Jesus, my Spiritual Mentor…

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11 thoughts on “Divine Messages, Part 2: Second “Calling” – The Cross

    • Thanks! A gift we all share when we open up to the reality of continual Divine messages and learn to trust our intuitions. Trust is the key. Learning how to know they are real is important, which will be in a future post. Thanks for commenting.


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