Divine Messages, Part 4: How we receive the messages

We receive Divine messages in infinite ways from the Infinite. I’ve received them since I was a child. However, when younger I was afraid of them and never told anyone. I now know that everyone has the potential to tap into that continual Divine communication, but many people don’t realize it exists, or they rationalize it away, or are afraid of it, but Divine communication is meant for everyone to access —it is a powerful gift to us from the “One” with whom we are all connected. Divine communication is not to fear, but to embrace. What is there to fear from the One that is only love, joy and goodness?

There are four basic categories for Divine messages, and I’ve added a fifth:

1. Clairaudience (Clear Hearing):  Sounds, voices and words. Examples:

  • An unexpected inner or outer voice that helps you make a decision.
  • You happen to hear a snippet of a conversation, and the words are exactly what you need to hear.
  • A song that seems to convey a message or confirmation to you.
  • A loud voice booms out of nowhere, warning you of impending danger. Or, sometimes, a soft whisper…

2. Clairsentience (Clear Sensing).  Feelings, Hunches, Emotions, Physical Sensations, Smells.  Examples:

  • A hunch or gut feeling to do something – an action, or warning.
  • A sudden emotion that is unrelated to your present surroundings, and later proves to be prophetic.
  • Feelings of inner peace that everything is going to be okay, or that you are on the right path.
  • Feeling a tingle or brush against your skin or nape of the neck.
  • Smells that have symbolic meaning for you, like perfume or cigar.

Claircognizance (Clear Knowing). Thoughts, Ideas, Sparks of Inspiration, and Inner Certainty – like “Knowing”.  Examples:

  • An ‘aha!’ or flash of a brilliant idea, or solution to your problem.
  • Clear insight not related to logical thinking.
  • Sudden intuition about a situation.
  • You just ‘know’ something will happen, but don’t know details.

4. Clairvoyance (Clear Seeing). Visions, Images, Mental Pictures, Dreams. Examples:

  • The images might be like a mental movie, or a snapshot of pictures inside or outside of your mind. They might be black and white, or color. Mine are always in extra vivid colors.
  • The mental pictures can be literal or symbolic (animals, colors, etc.). You can look up the symbolism on the Internet.
  • Seeing colors or auras. Angel lights in various forms and colors. Corner-of-the-eye visions.
  • Seeing actual images, like a deceased loved one (Part 1, The Ghost), or a cross on the ceiling (Part 2, The Cross).

5. Divine Intervention (God’s Will). Unexpected Life Changes. Examples:

  • A sudden shift beyond your understanding that seems almost like a thread is being woven into a vast Universal Life Tapestry.
  • An unexpected life changing event that turns out to be more wonderful than anything you would have ever imagined for yourself.

Sometimes there is a back-and-forth dialogue between Jesus and me where I ask, then argue, then listen, then admit the message doesn’t make sense to me, then continue asking and listening until I comprehend. Asking and questioning are vital components of the discussion. That means you are bringing up what you don’t yet understand so that the Divine continues clarifying until you get it.

Sometimes the messages are absolutely clear the instant I receive them. Sometimes the meaning comes to me while I’m writing the messages down, which I encourage you to do – keep a journal. Sometimes I receive them during quiet times, and sometimes in the middle of a busy, noisy day. Some come as answers to questions. Some are unexpected and take me by surprise.

Once you start opening up to that communication, you’ll discover there is much symbolism in meditations, dreams and visions such as in animals, flowers and colors. Look up the symbolic descriptions and determine what feels right to you.

You might receive messages from one category, or all of them. It doesn’t matter. You can develop strength in all if you choose. What matters is that you become aware of the messages and learn to trust them.

Excerpts from Divine Messages from Jesus for a magnificent life. p.  9. Cathey, Carolyne. 2015 


(To be continued)

Next: Divine Messages, Part 5: How to tell if the messages are real.

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