Divine Messages, Part 5: How to tell if the messages are real.

We all receive Divine messages. Yes, everyone. The messages are not meant for only a select few. We are all created from the same Source, God, our Creator, our Unlimited Supplier. We are all God’s messengers if we allow it. This powerful gift of Divine messages is freely given to us by God. It is how we are created. It is part of our Spiritual DNA. Our challenge is to recognize it and learn to trust it. BUT, 

How do we know the messages are real and not only our imagination?? Or, even a misguided earth-bound spirit?

The answer:

The kind of messages you receive. Here’s how you tell the difference.

Are the messages from Ego, or from Spirit?


  • Is the word “I” involved? When it’s your ego, the message is usually “I”. I’m not worthy. Who do I think I am? What makes me think I can do this? What if I make a fool of myself, or people think I’m crazy? What if I fail?
  • Are they fear-based messages? Then they are either ego or from a lost spirit you don’t want around you. Ego or ‘unhealthy’ spirit messages are fear-based, giving you all the reasons why it won’t work, or why the Spirit messages aren’t real and to ignore them. If earth-bound spirits are bothering you, turn them over to Jesus/God/Holy Spirit. I tell them to turn to the light.
  • Ego messages are possessive, containing, restraining, negative, and strive to pull you back into ego’s control by tempting you or intimidating you to remain in your illusory comfort zone with a false sense of safety. I say illusory comfort zone because you are not truly comfortable when you are less than what you can be if you but have faith.
  • One other warning, true messages will never encourage you to harm yourself or another. Spiritual messages are always love-based.


  • Do the messages include the word “You”? When the message is from the spiritual, for me it is always ‘you’. As in, “What do you want for your life?” “You can do this.” “I’ll be with you.” “Why are you wasting your time when there is so much more available to you?” “You have a higher mission in life.” And one of my favorites, “I love you.”
  • Divine messages are uplifting, encouraging you to grow and develop into ever more greatness. Spirit messages encourage you to expand beyond your boundaries, to achieve your full potential.
  • Are the messages unexpected? Unless you’ve opened up a God/Jesus dialogue, the real messages take you by surprise and are fast, unexpected and usually the opposite of what your rational mind thinks is right. Sometimes they come through so quickly you’ll doubt you even received it.
  • Are the messages love-based? Spirit messages are from love, not fear. They might be cautionary messages, but they are constructive, helpful, encouraging, willing you to reach higher, farther, to pull you out of your illusory comfort zone to greater experiences, enticing you to step out in faith.
  • No topic for Divine communication is too small or insignificant. I used to think that only major situations or concerns were worthy of bothering my Source, (that’s ego talking). Spirit messages are adamant that there is no ‘too small’, that all is connected, that all is part of the “All There Is”, and that what you consider as the small issues are the foundations for the larger ones and equally as important. 

You are encouraged to go to Divine guidance for everything. Remember, spiritual communication is meant for you to use for a fuller, richer life—and most important—you are never abandoned or have to go it alone (that is the lie of separation).

Jesus seeks partners who allow him to work through them to share God’s message that we are all love and loved. All you have to do is say “Use me”. Don’t be afraid of being asked to stand on a street corner and proselytize. You still have free will. Even better, Jesus works through your passions, your skills, what gives you joy, those God-seeds planted within your heart. There is nothing to fear, only to embrace!

Excerpts from Divine Messages from Jesus for a magnificent life. Cathey, Carolyne. 2015 


(To be continued)

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