Expand Into the Boundless Infinite

If you have been following me, you are aware that Jesus called me to serve with him as part of a spiritual team. FYI, he is eager to co-partner with anyone who says “Use me.” Jesus is now my Spiritual Mentor/Guide and I’m blessed to receive Divine messages that are meant for everyone in order to help us all with our daily lives.

Quotes from Divine Messages from Jesus for a magnificent life. p. 13. 2015. Cathey, Carolyne.

“Open to new spiritual discoveries that allow you to expand into the boundless infinite that is not man-defined, but God-refined—freed from the impurities of false traditions and misconceptions.” ~ Jesus

“I didn’t create the truth that I willingly gave my physical life to share with the world. I merely illuminated what was always and is forever true—the eternal truth for everyone—because if what I embodied and lived was for only one person, what was the point? My life and messages serve as examples of what everyone can be—what you can be, and are. It doesn’t matter who gets the credit because only one truly receives the credit—the Originator, the Creator, the Infinite, God.” ~ Jesus

“Your uniqueness comes from being who you are in all situations whether pleasant or unpleasant, not to alter who you are like a color-changing chameleon to match what is around you merely for the purpose to become more popular, better liked, the fad of the moment, the superficial.” ~ Jesus

The post is an excerpt from Divine Messages from Jesus for a magnificent life. p. 13. 2015, Cathey, Carolyne. 



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