Are You a Fear/Faith Clown Bop Doll?

This post is about a vision I had from Jesus when meditating. As usual, the vision came in a flash, all at once. The challenge is in pulling the vision into a linear thread for human understanding. The vision relates with our toggle between fear and faith, something with which we all struggle.


I was high up in space within a white, glowing light, feeling loved, safe, at peace. A wonderful feeling. Then I started having concerns and fears and worries about work, and the children, and income and—

I tipped forward out of the light into the darkness of space, like one of those weighted, clown bop bags that you swat and it tips one way, then another. It was colder outside of the light, gray, distant feeling, more alone, and I didn’t like it.

I wondered what I had done to pull myself out of the light, and the only difference I could think of was my worrying.

Thinking that might have been the cause, I mentally forced the fear and worries away. With the release of fear, I tipped back within the light again where it was brighter, calm, loving.

Much better. I preferred being within the light, like it was where I belonged.

Then my mind started worrying, and I slowly tipped out of the light again. For the second time, I cleared my mind of doubt and fear, and for the second time, I tipped back into the light where I felt happy and comfortable.

But worries are difficult to release, and weightier, and as they niggled within my mind, I tipped for the third time from out of the light into the cold, alone-feeling darkness.

Jesus said:

“Fear is the opposite of faith. Your fears and worries pull you away from the light, from positive energy, from the Source, into a place where you feel alone and unprotected.

“Your faith keeps you anchored within the Eternal Light, within the love. The best place for you to be.

“I understand how difficult this message is to follow. You might realize the truth and logic of the statement.

“And yet, when you are worried and living in fear, as in when you wonder how you are going to pay the bills, when you have lost your job, when your heart is aching because your children are fighting overseas, or are out with their friends at night or are choosing destructive lifestyles, or you are fearful your marriage or your business is falling apart, or the doctor says you have cancer, then how do you get from fear to faith? How do you let go of your worries?

“That’s when you need faith most of all. That’s when you call on God for help. That’s when you admit you know what you should do, but you don’t know how, or even if you know how through reconnecting your inner self with your Inner Source, you still can’t seem to let go of fear enough to trust. Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you are really expressing words of ‘wishing’ instead of ‘knowing’. Sometimes, you need a bridge.

“That’s when you ask the God within you to meet you on that level of fear where you are, to help guide you to the higher level of faith where you long to be. That’s when you ask your Source to show you how to take that next step—in faith.

“Remember, you aren’t to do this alone, but sometimes you forget. That’s the result of fear as revealed in the vision—the ‘feeling out in the cold and alone’ part. Those feelings of separation plaguing you are merely an illusion—a lie. When you feel like the clown bop bag, and even though you’ve already tipped into the grayness of fear, realize, that, like the clown bop doll, you are still, always, anchored in faith. Remember, no matter what you are going through, you are never alone.

“You have the Inner Power, the God within you at all times, anchoring you, ready to pull you back within the light when you cry out for help.

“Call on your Inner Power to meet you on the level where you are, and to help you—with God as your partner and helpmate—to take that next crucial step, so that no matter your challenges and concerns, you will always live, not in fear, but in faith, where you belong.” ~ Jesus

“That’s when you ask the God within you to meet you on that level of fear where you are, to help guide you to the higher level of faith where you long to be. That’s when you ask your Source to show you how to take that next step—in faith.” ~ Jesus

Excerpt from “Divine Messages from Jesus for a magnificent life“. p. 317-320. 2015. Cathey, Carolyne.

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