Share Truth & do not worry what others think of you.

Quote by Jesus in Divine Messages From Jesus, 2015. Cathey, Carolyne.

“Truth is true always. I love Truth. I share Truth. There is nothing else to share. Love, of course, but Love is Truth. Love is who we all are – Love’s expression. So, be love. Be love at all times. And do not worry what others think of you. Some will criticize, but others will grasp it to their bosoms like a lifeline. You will not please all. Pleasing all is not even a concern or a thought. You present the truth as provided by The Holy Spirit, Jesus, and the Creator. That’s all you have to do.

“Others will respond as is within them, but NEVER water down or soft play the truth because someone might be offended. That is the greatest offense, going for popularity instead of Truth. How do others go beyond their self-defining barriers if you don’t stretch their minds to a greater expansion? If you water down the truth to be less offensive, then you are part of the illusion, you are cheating the listener, contributing the opposite of what is intended.

Only speak the truth without concern for the other’s reaction. Their reaction is their choice. Your choice is Truth. That is all. Truth.” ~ Jesus

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