LTECoverMtnTitleLOVE THINE ENEMY is NOW IN PAPERBACK! for those avid readers who prefer holding a real book in their hands and turning real pages.

If you enjoy the stress-releasing satisfaction of lounging in a chair as you open to the first chapter of a new book with your favorite snacks and libation within arms reach, then Love Thine Enemy in paperback is for you.

Historical Romance, France 1355 AD., during the Hundred Years’ War when England battled for the French Crown.


The thieving knight steals her castle then threatens to secrete her forever in a convent.
Lady Rochelle’s only option:  Seduce her enemy.


What’s more dangerous than hating the enemy who stole your lands? Loving the enemy who stole your heart.

When by ruse, Sire Becket receives entrance to the very castle he plots to reclaim as the rightful heir, he is stunned by his dying enemy’s offer for Becket to wed the intriguing and prideful Lady Rochelle – a bloodless coup. He must hurriedly lock her in a convent so that his enemy’s bloodline dies with her, and before he succumbs to her seductions that tempt him to forget she is his enemy. And before she discovers he’s an English knight.

Lady Rochelle de Dubois of France must seduce Becket before he imprisons her in a convent, and before he uncovers the secret about her half-brother who carries the enemy’s seed the mysterious knight vows to eradicate, and before he discerns her intention to furtively seek aid from the French king to oust his knight who steals her lands.  At least he’s not one of the hated English knights who are ravaging France to win the French Crown.


  • First Place in Oklahoma Writer’s Federation Inc.’s Historical Romance Catetory
  • First Place in Northeast Oklahoma’s Romance Author’s Crystal Heart Contest.
  • Second Place in Monterrey Bay California’s Silver Heart Contest.


Glad you are enjoying “Love Thine Enemy!”

Coulson reading LTEA reader sent a photo of her reading my book “Love Thine Enemy”  while relaxing in her backyard with a glass of wine and her e-reader.  She said, “I’m having a great evening!”

Thanks for the photo and glad you are enjoying the book.

Another reader gave Love Thine Enemy 5 stars!

Paperback is coming out soon.

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Thanks, CS, for the 5-star rating for Love Thine Enemy e-book!

5.0 out of 5 stars

Intriguing, October 7, 2013

This review is from: Love Thine Enemy (Kindle Edition)

I enjoyed the story very much. She made me believe the possibility to fall for the enemy. I would read another by this author.

Proofing the Paperback of Love Thine Enemy

LTECoverMtnTitleI’ve loved proofing the paperback version of Love Thine Enemy. (I’m waiting for proof #2 to make sure I’ve caught all formatting errors and made other improvements before publishing.)

  • For one, I’m pleased I’m finally nearing completion of a published book after months of writing and rewriting and rewriting and critiquing and rewriting.

  • For two, I really enjoy this story.  I love the characters and I love the story.   I love their passion and determination against seemingly impossible odds.  I love that they share their lives with us – survivors in a real time period with real challenges.

As I read through the proof I realize the characters told their own story and I was merely the vessel through which the story flowed.  Oh, I had the outline worked out, but as the story unfolded, the characters surprised with me with twists and turns I never expected.  And yes, I, the writer, was as startled as will be the reader.

As I wait for the second proof of Love Thine Enemy, I’m proofing The Wager, but more about that book later.

Of course, you might prefer the e-book version.

Later, friend.