Non-fiction Book: “Divine Messages from Jesus”

The Divine offers you a magnificent life. Learn how.


See inside sample: PAPERBACK and KINDLE

Divine Messages from Jesus is a compilation of life-transforming guidance to enrich your life. The messages aren’t about being Christian, or any specific religion, or any religion at all. They are about Eternal Truths that are always and forever True. The unchanging Truth.

The messages, through visions and other forms of Divine communication, are easy to understand and implement. Each message relates to your day-to-day existence, such as love, abundance, and relationships, inspiring you to release the fear-hindrances blocking you from the life you desire. The suggestions help you to make better choices in order to achieve better results, and to reclaim your power.

Divine communication, which some misguided people consider paranormal is, in reality, the true normal – the way the system is set up. Ongoing spiritual dialogue is available to you and to everyone, 24/7. This book encourages you to open to and develop your own continuous Divine communication that is key to a successful life.

Jesus is my spiritual mentor and best friend who ‘called’ me to serve as his co-partner in order to share his Divine messages with you and the world. The purpose is for you to realize your own magnificence and Oneness with your Creator, and that, whether your eternal spirit is in the temporary physical, or out, all that matters is love.

These messages will change your life. Enjoy!

Carolyne Cathey



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