Ficks Reed Bamboo Barstools

Ficks Reed Bamboo Barstools (non-swivel) ~ Qty: 2 ~ ONLY $45 each

NOTE: Ficks Reed Furniture, 1885-2011, was a famous bamboo furniture company known for it’s excellent quality and style. Their furniture is now considered vintage and rare and are becoming a hot item. Although the Ficks Reed barstools are difficult to find, and none like the ones we have, I’ve seen similar ones priced at $350. A Ficks Reed foot stool was priced $99. We’re only asking $45 for each barstool because we priced it before we did our research! Truly a fabulous bargain.

NOTE: MAKE AN OFFER. If you are interested in any item,  you are welcome to make an offer for what you think is fair to both you and us. 

Contact: Carolyne ~ 707.272.5397, George ~ 707.357.2559 or

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  • Manufacturer: Ficks Reed
  • 20″w x 24″d x 35.5″H
  • 20180716_14354620180716_14361520180716_143633

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