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September 12th, 5 p.m., The Church of the Red Rocks, 54 Bowstring Drive, Sedona.


Trusting one’s intuition is challenging. Join Carolyne Cathey in a free interactive discussion on ‘Divine Communication – Trusting Your Intuition’. She explains the different ways people receive intuitive messages, and how to tell if they are real.

Cathey says, “Everyone receives Divine communication, but many rationalize it away. Understanding the truth

of continual Divine interaction, learning how it works, then developing and using this free gift from God, empowers the individual to release fear and live the life they are meant to experience.”

Examples of Divine messages:

  • Hearing an inner voice with the answer to a problem but doubting the accuracy.
  • Having a flash of an ‘aha’ or idea.
  • Wondering or praying about something, then a book falls open to the answer.
  • Hearing a snippet of a conversation or song lyrics that expresses the solution.
  • A dream that seems unusually powerful or colorful, like a message dream.
  • A ‘Knowing’ that something will happen.
  • Apparent coincidences that later seem part of a Master Plan.

Cathey is an author, public speaker, teacher and licensed spiritual counselor who speaks from experience. Her most recent book, “Divine Messages from Jesus for a magnificent life”, is a compilation of messages she received for more than two decades. In the fall of 2018, Divine guidance urged Cathey and her husband to move to the Sedona area, in service.

To hear the inspirational and funny story of how Divine guidance revealed this unexpected move, please listen to the audio recording, “Listening Leads to Miracles.”

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