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Does the Book of Revelation Mesh with Jesus’ Teachings?

Warning: My beliefs as guided by Jesus my Spiritual Mentor might be considered by some as heretical. This is where courage and faith comes in, when what the Divine communicates is the opposite of what many others believe as truth.

What is my reaction to the Book of Revelation claim that Jesus will come again on a horse, in battle, with vengeance, destroying and slaughtering?

I believe Jesus has already come again within each of our hearts. That heart-dwelling presence is so much more powerful than Jesus returning as a separate being ready to do battle. He has so much more influence when he works through each one of us. It’s Jesus multiplied! Of course, because of free will, we must give permission for Jesus to serve through us. But once we do, WOW!

According to Jesus through Divine messages to me, the Book of Revelation that claims Jesus will come again and in such horrific wrath is the opposite of what he taught us. The Revelation writing style is copied from the apocalyptic books that were written before Jesus was born.

At the time of Jesus’ birth, the Jewish people hoped the Messiah would come as an avenging angel bringing rebellion and death to their Roman enemies. Instead Jesus came as love, teaching that God is love not hate, forgiveness not revenge. Even his disciples struggled with this opposite shift to what they had been taught. The Book of Revelation returns to the old Jewish thinking, which is a misleading interpretation of Jesus’ true revelation.

I understand and sympathize with why this book was written – to give the persecuted Christians hope during the most brutal time in Christian history when they were being thrown to the lions and tortured in horrendous ways. The writings encouraged people to stay strong, that something better was coming for them – a true message for everyone for all time. The message that no matter what, “JESUS WINS!” Which means, we win.


What did Jesus really teach?

Simplified, Jesus taught us not only that we are love, but that our only and true power is within, with God, Jesus… not from outside of us. To share a Jesus quote he gave to me with the intent for me to share…

“You are One with the Source, and the Source is your unlimited supplier, not a human, which means you are to turn to the Source for all things.” Jesus. “Divine Messages from Jesus for a magnificent life. 2015. Cathey, Carolyne

That doesn’t mean good doesn’t come through others, it does, but we are to remember that their source is also God.

What does that good news mean for us?

  • It means we are empowered. Our God-connection, which is our 24/7 continual interaction with the Greatest Power in the Universe, is wiser and stronger than anyone or anything outside of us.
  • It means freedom. Do you realize how incredible that is? It means no one outside of us takes away our freedom to choose unless we allow it. It means that our wisdom and guidance as to what is best for us and our life is always within us. We don’t have to climb a mountain in a distant land to seek wisdom. We carry it around within us all the time. But first we must recognize it, accept it, and work with our Spiritual Partners such as Jesus, Guardian Angels., etc. Each of us is blessed with a spiritual team that is eager and willing to work with us for our most magnificent life.

What is the truth of that good news?

We don’t have to wait for Jesus to come again. He is already here. Right now. In your heart. Do you feel him? Hear him? He’s there whether or not you realize it. He’s eager to serve as your teammate. If you haven’t already done so…

Ask Jesus to be your co-partner. Then trust.

“You are One with the Source, and the Source is your unlimited supplier, not a human, which means you are to turn to the Source for all things.” Jesus. “Divine Messages from Jesus for a magnificent life. .2015. Cathey, Carolyne