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Don’t Throw Away the Gift Because You Don’t Like the Wrapping

If you have been following me, you are aware that Jesus called me to serve with him as part of a spiritual team. FYI, he is eager to co-partner with anyone who says “Use me.” Jesus is now my Spiritual Mentor/Guide and I’m blessed to receive Divine messages that are meant for everyone in order to help us all with our daily lives.

THIS DIVINE MESSAGE is where Jesus shares how his teachings were misinterpreted and that the true meaning of what he came to impart has been twisted into the opposite of the lessons he brought to the world.

The phrase “Don’t throw away the gift because you don’t like the wrapping” is true of actual packages and especially of people. There is a great timeless gift in this message.

The true treasure of the eternal truth messages Jesus came to earth to share has been wrapped so many times in so many different unattractive, misunderstood wrappings, that people often discard the entire package, rejecting the gold inside along with the outer dross. There are people who are loving and open-minded for all kinds of different messages but will walk out of the room if the name Easter, or Christmas, or Christ, or Christian, or Christ Consciousness, or Jesus is mentioned. Even the name, God. And yet, bear with me here, there truly is a Universal message for all despite your beliefs.

Jesus said:

“Easter (and Christmas, or any Christian holiday) isn’t about the messenger (Jesus), it’s about the message. I didn’t create the Truth that I willingly gave my physical life to share with the world. I merely illuminated what was always and is forever true— the eternal truth for everyone—because if what I embodied and lived was for only one person, what was the point? My life and messages serve as examples of what everyone can be—what you can be, and are. It doesn’t matter who gets the credit because only one truly receives the credit—the Originator, the Creator, the Infinite, God.”

The vision that I received in connection with this message:

One Source: The Kingdom of God is within you

An image flashed into my mind of a softly glowing silhouette like a gingerbread figure in a cookie-cutter shape, with deeper-toned outside edges and a rich, softly glowing golden-beige within the lines.

The shape appeared in front of a background of the identical glowing inner color, the smaller obviously created from the larger Source. Multiple umbilical-type cords (the same color as the Source and with a darkened outline to define the shapes and lines) connected the being from within the Source that reached beyond my vision without end.

Jesus said,

“Through these ever-connecting cords flow your spiritual blood, forever feeding you nutrients such as wisdom, power, guidance and compassion.”

“And love,” I added, surprised at the omission.

He said:

“Love is part of all of them. What is wisdom without love? How can there be compassion without love? Power without love would be ill-used and thus no true power at all. And guidance to what and where? If there is no love, then you are mis-guided.

“And if you notice, you and all of creation are the same as the Source, made from the Source, fed from the Source of the Source.

“Remember when I said, ‘The Kingdom of God is within you’? The image is a visual of how and why that statement is true. There is never any separation, only the smaller individualized, defining borders to show the various creations of and from the Infinite—a creation of and from the Divine.

“Also take note that the image is without a label, without any distinguishing features. It is ‘creation’. It exists no matter what name humans call it. It needs no name, because it merely is.”

“Labels are an earthly means of identifying the different creations when you communicate with each other. Go beyond labels to the truth, to your Source, from where you are filled and fulfilled, no matter your situation—the being through which everlasting love flows continually whether your eternal Spirit is in or out of the physical body, and no matter the drama playing out around you.”

“Your uniqueness comes from being who you are in all situations whether pleasant or unpleasant. Don’t alter who you are like a color-changing chameleon to match what is around you merely for the purpose of becoming more popular, better liked, the fad of the moment, the superficial. Each being is incredible. Always live your truth. With integrity. With courage. With compassion. With forgiveness. Without exception.”

Meaning: This message is meant to encourage you to open up to the real truth of Jesus’ original messages he gave his life for us to know—to look at them from a different angle. What are some of these messages?

* He doesn’t want to be worshiped but to be considered a partner who, when you allow, works with and through you. (This is not to fear, but to welcome.)

* There is no hierarchy—all are equal in the eyes of the Creator. You are as important as anyone else, no matter whether president or janitor; all are loved equally by God.

* The Kingdom of God is within you, along with all of your Divine answers and assistance.

* You are one with the Source and all of the power and amazing support that comes in tandem with being one with the Power of the Universe.

* There is no vengeful God punishing you for any error, only a God of Love that loves you unconditionally.

 “Always live your Truth. With integrity. With courage. With compassion. With forgiveness. Without exception.” ~ Jesus

The post is an excerpt from Divine Messages from Jesus for a magnificent life. p. 31-36. Cathey, Carolyne. 2015 



“Divine Messages from Jesus”

divine-messages-book-cover-2-front“Divine Messages from Jesus, for a magnificent life” is the perfect gift for you and your friends. It’s long-lasting and non-fattening. 🙂

Available in Paperback and Kindle

Excerpt from the book:

“JESUS, MY SPIRITUAL mentor, called me to serve as a conduit through whom he may share eternal truths with you and the world. Your source for Divine messages will be unique to you; there are many angels, spiritual mentors and guides that, with your permission, will guide you into a co-creation of the wonder that is your life.

“These messages aren’t about being Christian or any particular religion, or any religion at all. They are about eternal truths that are always true, now and forever, Truths that can enrich and transform you and your life.

“Jesus assures me the eternal truth is the eternal truth no matter the source though which it comes. These are God-truths beyond any man-defined barriers and too-small boxes into which we laughably believe we can cram the Divine. Through the Divine messages you’ll learn that some of what we’ve been taught about Jesus isn’t necessarily the truth and that his teachings are often misrepresented. As he explains in the message ‘Don’t Throw Away the Gift Because You Don’t Like the Wrapping’, he is not the exception but the example, because, he said if what he taught and embodied was for only one person (him), then what was the point? The real point, he says, is that what he experienced we can all experience. In this book and in so many ways, he shows us how.

I asked Jesus/Holy Spirit what special message he wants to share with you about the chapter on Divine communication.

He said: “Remember, you are One with your Source. To be One means you are always connected.  To be connected means there is something that connects between you and the Divine, and it cannot be otherwise.  All it takes to receive this bounty so free flowing for you is for you to accept and be blessed by that Truth, for through that connection flows all of the love, goodness, power, joy, wisdom, guidance and peace into and through you if you will but allow it.”

For more information about this magnificent book