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“LOVE”, 2/14/Carolyne speaks at Westport Church

SUNDAY, FEB. 14, Carolyne speaks on “LOVE” at the WESTPORT CHURCH.  24900 Abalone Street, Westport CA (MAP) NOTE TIME: 10 am.

This is a mini-workshop/discussion on Love, what Unconditional Love means, how we love ourselves, are we really supposed to love our enemy? And, how to embody love for the most glorious life. But how do we do that when we feel caught in an unloving world?

The full workshop is Feb. 17th, 1 pm & Feb 18th, 6 pm, The Gathering Place.




The February Spiritual Power Tools Workshop  REGISTRATION FORM

LOVE 4 x 6 flyer* February 2016: 2/17 @ 1-3 pm; and/or 2/18 @ 6-8 pm:  “Love”~ Love is what we are and what we are about.  Love is also the most challenging when living in the physical with all of its drama and infighting and negative reactions to people and events.  One of the greatest challenges might be in loving yourself.

The workshop explores why love is crucial for your happiness, what might be blocking you from loving yourself as God loves you- unconditionally and without judgment – so that you can then love others as you love yourself.  A Divine Message says that no matter the question, love is always the answer.  But how do we do that when we feel caught in an unloving world?

REGISTER (FREE) Donations appreciated:  Space only holds 20, so register early