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Divine Message: Unconditional Love and Non-judgment? But what about…?

If you have been following me, you are aware that Jesus called me to serve with him as part of a spiritual team. FYI, he is eager to co-partner with anyone who says “Use me.” Jesus is now my Spiritual Mentor/Guide and I’m blessed to receive Divine messages that are meant for everyone in order to help us all with our daily lives.

The following is one of my favorite messages I received when asking him how we can even consider loving our enemies!

IN SEVERAL MEDITATIONS, I received visions about the interconnecting web, stressing the importance for us to understand that we are all connected to everything else.

Then one time Jesus said what I thought is surely impossible.

“The greatest action you can send along this web is unconditional love and non-judgment.”

What? Unconditional love? Non-judgment? I didn’t understand how to do that, and I told him so. (Never be afraid to question; that merely means you don’t yet understand.) I admitted that I really didn’t even know what unconditional love and non-judgment meant. I mean, it would be easy, afterward, in spirit form, but as a human being living with other humans who don’t think alike or have the same value systems, I confessed I’m just not that good.

During the meditation, I continued to express my dilemma to Jesus:

“As a human being living on this earth, how can I express unconditional love and non-judgment to everyone everywhere all the time? That’s just not realistic,” I argued.

I sought to prove my assertion with opinions of how such a task is unattainable, getting more agitated and feeling more inadequate with each example:

“How can I love unconditionally people who are mean and hateful? When I see people slaughtering others because they disagree, perpetrators who claim they will not stop until we all believe as they do, I’m hurt. I’m angered. I don’t want to love those who seek our destruction. I’ll never be that perfect. Or people who kidnap children and abuse them, those who enjoy torturing people and animals, and—and politics!” I mentally shouted. “How can I love people who—”

“Start, with yourself” his voice whispered into my tirade,

I gasped. “Love myself? Without judgment?” Is that even possible?

I mulled about what he said. I thought of how many mistakes I had made and continue to make in life, and how I had unwittingly hurt people’s feelings, and that I was so far from perfect. Could I really love myself unconditionally, without judgment? To be honest, I wasn’t sure I could, but after thinking about what he said, I finally decided that with concentration and determination and some self-forgiveness, I could learn to love myself unconditionally and without judgment. That when I procrastinate, or unintentionally hurt someone, or let someone down, or don’t listen to the Divine as I should, I could love myself anyway.

Then immediately the vision in the meditation shifted.

I was in a dark void like in space, and I saw a sheer red silk fabric rippling in a growing and spreading circle away from my waist area and into the blackness—silk, like love, fragile, and yet, like love, surpassing the tensile strength of steel. As it spread, the fabric of love merged with other red silks rippling out from other beings—I knew they were people, but they appeared as sources, individual sources of love, their red silk fabrics rippling outward, melding, becoming one, then there were so many sources, unifying, filling in the void until the sea of love almost covered as far as I could see, shimmering with light, spreading further, reaching into deepest space . . . .

“We are all one,” he said. “If you first love yourself, that love changes the vibration of the interconnecting web from where you are and ripples outward into the universe. Love yourself, unconditionally. Be compassion. Then you can love your neighbor—as you love yourself. And in so doing, you change the world.”

Meaning: The meaning is clear. First, love yourself. The trick is in actually taking the time and the determination to follow through, and yet I’m sure you understand that it is vital to your happiness. Whatever you are feeling about yourself and others is all swirling around inside of you. What do you want swirling around inside of you? Love? Or hate? God-confidence? Or insecurities? Faith? Or fear? The answers seem obvious, but it is in convincing yourself of those qualities that can be the challenge.

To love unconditionally means to love anyway. That means you don’t set conditions on whether or not you love yourself and others. You embody the same kind of unconditional love you first receive from the Divine.

Again, that is not the same as condoning. Condoning behavior that is ‘not loving’ contributes to the problem. Condoning is a form of enabling. Loving yourself and others means saying ‘no!’ when behavior is damaging, unloving, or hateful. The challenge is to do so without judgment, as you are loved.

That is when you follow Jesus’ teachings and start with yourself, always asking for Divine help to accomplish what is impossible on your own. All is possible with God.

Action Item:

Your thoughts, words and actions reflect how you feel about yourself. If you don’t love yourself unconditionally and without judgment, I suggest you make out two lists:

  1. What do you love about yourself, and why. How does that make you feel?
  2. What it is about yourself that you don’t love, and why? Then write suggestions of how you might change those negatives into positives. Any time you think of another reason, add it to the list, with an action to take to shift it from the negative to the positive.

In working on your blockages, always ask for Divine help, knowing, without doubt, you will receive that help. This exercise will change you and your life and how others and the world respond to you. Do not allow fear or guilt to talk you out of completing this mission. Have faith and trust.


“Love yourself, unconditionally. Be compassion. Then you can love your neighbor—as you love yourself.” ~ Jesus

Excerpt from Divine Messages from Jesus for a magnificent life. p. 135-139. Cathey, Carolyne. 2015 



Divine Messages: Embodying Love

Embodying Love

“Love is for everyone – to live, embody, share, be. Be love in all situations. Feel love within you supporting you no matter the challenges you are going through. If you don’t feel the love so freely given you, then still yourself within and ask the Divine to help you. Love is always there, without fail.

“If there is only one other gift to embody at all times besides Oneness, it is love. You are loved. You are Love.

Be Love.” ~ Jesus

Quote from Divine Messages from Jesus for a magnificent life. p. 133. Cathey, Carolyne. 2015 






Divine Messages: Why Self-Love?

Why self-love?

“Love is all there is because God is Love and God is All There Is. Love is what you are here to express, allowing God’s love to create through you with love, resulting in love. It doesn’t matter what you do during your physical life, as long as you do what you do with love. That includes self-love. For you must first love yourself, with compassion and without judgment, and then you can love your neighbor as you love yourself. And in so doing, you change the world.” ~ Jesus

Quote from Divine Messages from Jesus for a magnificent life. p. 133. Cathey, Carolyne. 2015 





Divine Messages: Is Love Important?

Is love important?

“Love is part of all of there is. What is Wisdom without love? How can there be compassion without love? Power without love would be ill-used and thus no True Power at all. And guidance to what and where? If there is no love, then you are mis-guided. Without love there is no peace, beauty, harmony or joy. To be of any value and to experience happiness in your life, allow God’s love to emanate in all you think, say and do – you are only happy when you are God in action which is being love. You are love, and you are loved.” ~ Jesus

Quote from Divine Messages from Jesus for a magnificent life. p. 133. Cathey, Carolyne. 2015 



Divine Messages, Part 7: Divine Communication Summary & Exercises – Final.



Divine Communication is for you! For everybody! We’ve allowed others to convince us through fear-tactics that it doesn’t exist, or that we are crazy. That is a lie. It is a freely given gift from God in the form of continual connection with the Unlimited Wisdom to help with everything in our everyday lives. Everything. To be honest, this is, in reality, ‘surrender’, which is nothing to fear, only to embrace. Divine communication is part of our spiritual DNA. Our birthright.

Advice: When you do the following exercises, you might receive the answers so quickly you’ll doubt you heard them. You might think they are merely the figment of your imagination, or your mind playing tricks on you. Don’t question them. Don’t allow your logical mind to reword them or rationalize them away. Write them down in a journal, whether on paper or on your computer exactly as you received them, even if they don’t make sense. You’ll be amazed that as you write them down, you start receiving more understanding. If not, then pray for clarity, but in these exercises, don’t question them.

Methods: Remember, there are infinite ways you receive messages from the infinite, but there are four basics and I’ve added a fifth. Hearing, seeing, sensing, knowing, plus, Divine Intervention. You might receive messages through one method or all four, it doesn’t matter as long as you receive them. You may choose to develop all four. When opening to messages you might receive the entire message at once, like a wisdom-explosion. One of the challenges is to then pull the threads of the message into a linear format and still keep the meaning of the message. Pray for clarity. Once you get working on this you’ll better understand what I’m trying to explain. Don’t worry about any of this, but…

Pray/Meditate: Before you start each exercise, pray for clarity, for understanding, for the release of any fears holding you back from this magnificent experience. Ask for calm, to release fears and doubts, and for you to get your own  self out of the way, allowing a clear conduit for Divine Wisdom to flow into you.

No judgment! Often we are even afraid of trying these exercises because we fear we’ll fail. Don’t worry about failing.  Trust, and have faith. You weren’t born walking, you learned how. Think of Divine Communication in reverse; we are all born with that 24/7 connection, but along the growth path we became confused and misdirected and forgot how. Now is the time to reclaim your birthright.

By the way, I’ve lost count of the number of people who have told me they’ve had intuitive experiences but were afraid to share them with anyone. I know the same is true for you. Be smart. Learn how to open up to Divine Communication and use it! You’ll be so grateful you did!  Remember, you can always share with me.


In doing these exercises the exact results don’t matter at this point because no matter what, you are loved by God, always and forever. Be determined and choose to develop an open dialogue with the Divine and your spirit guides (your Spiritual team) – and feel it. Passion is important. Not wishy-washy but determination that you will no longer deny yourself this miraculous gift to you from God.

Even if you don’t think you’ve received anything, continue to trust. Have faith. This is similar to using a muscle weakened from lack of use. With persistence and practice, that muscle gains strength.

In these exercises you’ll ask questions which will vary according to the focus of the exercise and your desires. Then listen carefully. As I mentioned before, the answers are usually so fast you might doubt you heard or received it. Once you have an answer or even more than one answer, write them down on your notepad or paper. Read them to yourself. As you look at them, ask for clarity and truth, and trust. You might continue to receive additional advice and suggestions. Write those down as well.

Note the thoughts and feelings that went through you. Negative? Positive? What were they? Was the answer fast, or slow? Did it have meaning for you or relate to you in any way? While fresh in your mind, write down which method through which the answer came to you.

REMEMBER: As you receive your answers, try to determine if some came through as an “I” or a “You”. Were they discouraging or encouraging? Do they seem from your heart, or your head?

As I mentioned earlier, I’d love for you to share your experiences in the comment section on this page! I’ve found that in sharing with each other, we all learn more and gain confidence.

Write a positive, believing prayer for yourself for opening and receiving Divine Communication. Read it to yourself at least daily, if not more often. Say it with passion and belief that you have already received it. Read it before you do any of the exercises.


Thank you, God, for helping me to know that Divine communication is real and is your gift to me to develop and use for everything in my life, knowing that there is no too small or insignificant. Everything is important. I release all fears to you and know, without doubt, that I continually receive Divine wisdom and guidance and blessings and love and support that help lead me to what is most joyous for me and my life. In gratitude, I release this truth into the Pure Intelligence that is God, knowing I am one with and within God and my Spiritual team. I am never alone. I am Divinely empowered.

Exercise 1: Releasing Fear

Close your eyes. Go within. Feel yourself as part of the vast loving Universal Force, totally and completely loved and protected. You are safe. When you feel ready, ask the Divine to help you release any fear and tension by bringing to your mind what fears are holding you back. With a sparkling wand like a fireworks sparkler, mentally write the fear in the black ether of space, see it glitter, then dissolve. Wow. That fear no longer exists for you. You feel freer, more expansive. Ask what other fear is holding you back, then write the word with your sparkler in the black velvet sky, a last bright glitter before it fades into non-existence. If there are any more fears revealed to you, then write them with your miraculous sparkler and watch them disappear.

Expressing gratitude for your Guide, take a deep breath, wiggle your fingers, and slowly open your eyes.

Journal your fears that are now dissolved like sparks fading away into nothing.

Exercise 2: Spirit Guides

While you are there in the loving embrace of the Universal Force, relax, take a deep breath, feel all tensions flow out of you into the earth, and ask for the name of the angel at your right shoulder. If you don’t get it, or aren’t sure, ask again.

Ask for the name of the angel at your left shoulder. Again, if needed, ask for clarity.

Ask for the name of your Spiritual mentor. If no particular name comes through, you can ask for a specific Spiritual mentor with whom you’d love to co-partner, such as Jesus. I love working with him! He is joyful and eager to work with you as is the rest of your spiritual team to help you fulfill your mission and purpose in life, and in doing so, bring you the best life beyond imagination.

Write down any names that come to you, even if they seem more incredible that you ever dared consider. Share with me if you would like.

Exercise 3: Ask personal questions

Think of a question you want to ask.

Meditate: Quiet:

Listen for any answers (usually fast), then trust.

Write down what you receive without rewording it from a logical perspective. For me, the answers are often the opposite of what my logical mind thinks, but then later, make perfect sense. Keep working with them. You’ll probably receive additional information. Wait for more. Ask if there is more. Ask again. And again. Go deeper. More detail. Don’t be afraid to argue, or say that the message doesn’t make sense to you. Questioning merely means you don’t yet understand the message’s meaning. As you keep asking, you’ll finally reach an “Aha! That’s what you are trying to tell me!” 

Also note how the messages came to you. Were they visual images in your mind? Like a voice? A flash in your mind? You just knew it? Were they one method or more than one?

Exercise 4: Automatic Writing

Relax, settle into silence. Eyes closed, if you dare. Take several deep breaths. Let yourself fall inward, into the light. Listen.

Start writing what comes into your mind/your heart. Don’t worry about spelling or punctuation. Don’t worry if they aren’t complete sentences – they might be disjointed words. They might come through with different handwriting styles. I had one that came through in five different writing styles. Remember, you have a spiritual team with you now that are all connected with and within the One God.

When you feel as if you’ve finished writing down what is coming through to you, read the words to yourself. Fill in where needed, make corrections where applicable, then read it again. Does it relate to you at all, with something you are going through, or a question you have?

Did you feel you received some kind of answer? Did you think you received something but were doubting yourself and were afraid to write it down? Write it down anyway even if it doesn’t make sense. You are welcome to share, but that is optional. Often we all learn most when we share.

Also note how the messages came to you. Were they visual images in your mind? Like a voice? A flash in your mind? You just knew it? Were they one method or more than one?

Exercise 5: Partner-up

Pair up with a partner or friend who is open to this kind of Intuitive exploration. You may hold hands or merely sit across from each other.

Each of you think of a question.

Take turns: Decide who goes first. Ask the responding partner your question. Usually with eyes closed, the responding partner goes inside for answers. The amount of time it takes doesn’t matter; don’t rush it. When the partner feels they receive an answer of any kind, then ask if there is more. Ask again. Go deeper. More detail. Once you feel you have received what you are meant to receive, then share with the asking partner. The answer might be an ongoing sharing, becoming clearer as the responding partner describes in greater detail what they saw, heard, felt, sensed… 

Reverse who asks and who responds, and repeat the steps.

How did the answers feel for you? Did they connect in any way? Did they open you up to potentials or directions you might not have considered? Or perhaps, verified what you already sensed?

Also note how the messages came to you. Were they visual images in your mind? Like a voice? A flash in your mind? You just knew it? Were they one method or more than one?

Exercise 6: Through the Looking Glass – finding out more about yourself

paraphrased from Mother Wit: A Feminist Guide To Psychic Development by Diane Mariechild 

Relax. Deepen and protect yourself by asking for the Divine light of protection to surround you. Turn inward from the outer world. Close your eyes. Take several deep breaths, then breathe normally, feeling yourself falling into the light.

Picture yourself standing in front of a three-panel floor standing mirror.

See yourself walking into the middle panel. What do you see? Spend time there. Remember what you experience. Back out of the mirror and stand in front of all three again.

See yourself walking into the right mirror. panel What do you see? Spend time there. Remember what you experience. Back out of the mirror and stand in front of all three panels again.

See yourself walking  into the left mirror. What do you see? Spend time there. Remember what you experience. Back out of the mirror and stand in front of all three panels again.

Write down what you saw and experienced in each panel. Were they different? Did they have meaning for you? In what way do they connect? Did they give you three facets of yourself? Perhaps, a balanced perspective? Wisdom beyond what you knew about yourself?

I would love to hear what you saw and experienced. You are welcome to share them in the comment section.

Final thoughts: I hope you enjoyed this series! I know, without doubt that you can strenghten your Divine Communication skills. You can do this. Persist! And miracles will happen in your life.


You are One with the Power of the Universe that is accessible to you, without fail, at all times, whether in the physical or out. You have nothing to fear, only to love and embrace with joy and enthusiasm. Divine communication is your key to the greatest life you can imagine, and even greater. Use it!

For a refresher, be sure to reread the previous posts on Divine Communication. See below.

Excerpts from Divine Messages from Jesus for a magnificent life. Cathey, Carolyne. 2015 

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“Divine Messages from Jesus”

divine-messages-book-cover-2-front“Divine Messages from Jesus, for a magnificent life” is the perfect gift for you and your friends. It’s long-lasting and non-fattening. 🙂

Available in Paperback and Kindle

Excerpt from the book:

“JESUS, MY SPIRITUAL mentor, called me to serve as a conduit through whom he may share eternal truths with you and the world. Your source for Divine messages will be unique to you; there are many angels, spiritual mentors and guides that, with your permission, will guide you into a co-creation of the wonder that is your life.

“These messages aren’t about being Christian or any particular religion, or any religion at all. They are about eternal truths that are always true, now and forever, Truths that can enrich and transform you and your life.

“Jesus assures me the eternal truth is the eternal truth no matter the source though which it comes. These are God-truths beyond any man-defined barriers and too-small boxes into which we laughably believe we can cram the Divine. Through the Divine messages you’ll learn that some of what we’ve been taught about Jesus isn’t necessarily the truth and that his teachings are often misrepresented. As he explains in the message ‘Don’t Throw Away the Gift Because You Don’t Like the Wrapping’, he is not the exception but the example, because, he said if what he taught and embodied was for only one person (him), then what was the point? The real point, he says, is that what he experienced we can all experience. In this book and in so many ways, he shows us how.

I asked Jesus/Holy Spirit what special message he wants to share with you about the chapter on Divine communication.

He said: “Remember, you are One with your Source. To be One means you are always connected.  To be connected means there is something that connects between you and the Divine, and it cannot be otherwise.  All it takes to receive this bounty so free flowing for you is for you to accept and be blessed by that Truth, for through that connection flows all of the love, goodness, power, joy, wisdom, guidance and peace into and through you if you will but allow it.”

For more information about this magnificent book