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SATAN is your FEAR – not a being, but an attitude

SATAN IS YOUR FEAR – not a being, but an attitude

This Truth is powerful. This Truth is freeing and will help you reclaim your life.

But why and how?

The following is an excerpt from the book “Divine Messages from Jesus” by Carolyne Cathey where Jesus explains why the only Satan is our fear.

Note that Satan and fear are the same, with the same consequences.

  • Satan (FEAR) is negative control.
  • Satan (FEAR) is a hindrance for reaching your goals.
  • Satan (FEAR) tempts you to go against your heart and all that you are.
  • Satan (FEAR) makes you feel alone, separate, powerless.

In fact,” Jesus added in the message, “fear has controlled much of your life.”

Then he asked:

* How many important life-changing decisions have you made out of fear?

* How many times have you allowed fear to control or overwhelm you?

* How many times did believing you weren’t good enough or smart enough or brave enough hold you back and affect your life-path choices?

* How many times have you opted for the safe decision, not the one where your heart longed to go?

Jesus said:

“Fear controls every one of those decisions—your Satan—not a being, but an attitude.”

“Satan—not a being, but an attitude.”

Powerful! Freeing!

Satan is not anything to fear from outside of you, but instead, is the fear from inside of you. That means you can have control over your own fear. You are not impotent. You are not a victim. With God’s guidance, you are in control.

For a victorious plan of action ask for Divine help when shifting your attitude from fear to faith, that incredible can-do attitude that transform tragedies into triumph. Refusing to allow fear to affect your decisions results in making positive, healing, helpful choices. Ask for help to do this. We are meant to live our lives through constant communication with God, Jesus, or whatever you call your Higher Power. So, use that power.

I realize this goes against most of our religious teaching, but think about it. As mentioned above, when you insert the word fear in the place of Satan, you get the same meaning.

“Satan—not a being, but an attitude.”

PART 2- fear is also your opportunity.

Do you limit yourself? If so why?

“There is only one thing in this universe that can surround you with limitation, and that is accepting the outer appearance instead of the mighty, active presence of God in you.”
The I AM Discourses, v 3 p 7

Do you limit yourself? If so why?

“There is only one thing in this universe that can surround you with limitation, and that is accepting the outer appearance instead of the mighty, active presence of God in you.”
The I AM Discourses, v 3 p 7

Does the Book of Revelation Mesh with Jesus’ Teachings?

Warning: My beliefs as guided by Jesus my Spiritual Mentor might be considered by some as heretical. This is where courage and faith comes in, when what the Divine communicates is the opposite of what many others believe as truth.

What is my reaction to the Book of Revelation claim that Jesus will come again on a horse, in battle, with vengeance, destroying and slaughtering?

I believe Jesus has already come again within each of our hearts. That heart-dwelling presence is so much more powerful than Jesus returning as a separate being ready to do battle. He has so much more influence when he works through each one of us. It’s Jesus multiplied! Of course, because of free will, we must give permission for Jesus to serve through us. But once we do, WOW!

According to Jesus through Divine messages to me, the Book of Revelation that claims Jesus will come again and in such horrific wrath is the opposite of what he taught us. The Revelation writing style is copied from the apocalyptic books that were written before Jesus was born.

At the time of Jesus’ birth, the Jewish people hoped the Messiah would come as an avenging angel bringing rebellion and death to their Roman enemies. Instead Jesus came as love, teaching that God is love not hate, forgiveness not revenge. Even his disciples struggled with this opposite shift to what they had been taught. The Book of Revelation returns to the old Jewish thinking, which is a misleading interpretation of Jesus’ true revelation.

I understand and sympathize with why this book was written – to give the persecuted Christians hope during the most brutal time in Christian history when they were being thrown to the lions and tortured in horrendous ways. The writings encouraged people to stay strong, that something better was coming for them – a true message for everyone for all time. The message that no matter what, “JESUS WINS!” Which means, we win.


What did Jesus really teach?

Simplified, Jesus taught us not only that we are love, but that our only and true power is within, with God, Jesus… not from outside of us. To share a Jesus quote he gave to me with the intent for me to share…

“You are One with the Source, and the Source is your unlimited supplier, not a human, which means you are to turn to the Source for all things.” Jesus. “Divine Messages from Jesus for a magnificent life. 2015. Cathey, Carolyne

That doesn’t mean good doesn’t come through others, it does, but we are to remember that their source is also God.

What does that good news mean for us?

  • It means we are empowered. Our God-connection, which is our 24/7 continual interaction with the Greatest Power in the Universe, is wiser and stronger than anyone or anything outside of us.
  • It means freedom. Do you realize how incredible that is? It means no one outside of us takes away our freedom to choose unless we allow it. It means that our wisdom and guidance as to what is best for us and our life is always within us. We don’t have to climb a mountain in a distant land to seek wisdom. We carry it around within us all the time. But first we must recognize it, accept it, and work with our Spiritual Partners such as Jesus, Guardian Angels., etc. Each of us is blessed with a spiritual team that is eager and willing to work with us for our most magnificent life.

What is the truth of that good news?

We don’t have to wait for Jesus to come again. He is already here. Right now. In your heart. Do you feel him? Hear him? He’s there whether or not you realize it. He’s eager to serve as your teammate. If you haven’t already done so…

Ask Jesus to be your co-partner. Then trust.

“You are One with the Source, and the Source is your unlimited supplier, not a human, which means you are to turn to the Source for all things.” Jesus. “Divine Messages from Jesus for a magnificent life. .2015. Cathey, Carolyne





Receiving and Giving Are One Cord – A Divine Message

This is a Divine message I received on why we can’t give without receiving, and that whatever we give we first receive from God, Our Source.

Receiving and Giving are One Cord

HAVE YOU HEARD the saying that it is easier to give than receive? That saying described me. For some reason I loved giving but I had a hard time receiving. People would offer to give to me in return but I would decline. I would notice the hurt in their eyes, which made me feel guilty, and yet I felt guilty in accepting.

I wondered why it seems easier to give than receive? Pride? Ego? An “I don’t want to be a burden,” attitude? An “I can do it myself” attitude? I felt less somehow when a person would offer to help, like I was lacking something that someone else had to fill in because I was inadequate or flawed. As a result, I was unintentionally rude when I would turn down someone’s offer to help or to give me something. I didn’t mean to be rude. I meant not to be a burden or bother, or dependent. Or even more, that I didn’t need anyone’s help (can you hear the ego in that statement?) With my refusal I could see the disappointment in someone’s eyes or demeanor that showed I had rejected the generosity from their heart.

Jesus kept assuring me that giving and receiving are the same, but I couldn’t see it. To me, giving indicated strength, receiving revealed weakness.

One day, he flashed a vision into my mind that is best demonstrated by acting it out.


To act out the vision, stand up to demonstrate this truth.

Imagine a thick nylon cord or rope threading through your solar plexus, front to back and it slides both ways. Place one hand on the imaginary cord coming out the front of your waist, and one hand on the same imaginary cord threading through you out the back of your waist. When you pull so that the rope goes outward from you, as in giving, notice that it also comes into you from the back, as in receiving. With the invisible cord in your hands, let the cable slide back and forth and you’ll see that no matter which way the cord glides, when you are giving, you are also receiving.

Jesus said:

“Everything you have is from the Divine. Everything. Including the love that fills you, love that is so freely given to you from your Creator. Everything you receive you first receive from the Divine. When others are giving to you, you are receiving what flowed through them from the Divine. So, whether giving or receiving, it is all from your Source, your Unlimited Supplier. 

“This image demonstrates that receiving and giving are the same. Your problem is that you allow ego and pride to get in your way, that when you decline a generous offer, you not only hurt the other person, you also hurt yourself. When you refuse to receive, you are blocking the natural flow. You are trying to separate the inseparable.

“Notice that when you slide the cord back and forth, that the giving comes from inside you at the same time that the receiving slips inside you, so you cannot possibly give without also giving to yourself.

“You can name the cord. If you name the cord ‘hate’, then when you give hate, that is what you receive. If you name the cord ‘love’, then when you give love, you receive love in return. Which means that if you want to receive love, then you must give love—in remembrance that you are giving from the love you’ve already received. You are created from love. You are love. Give what you truly are—love.”

Now the vision shifts:

“Imagine that the cord that runs through you also runs through a person in front of you and a person behind you, and the people on the other side of each of them. See the connection?” he said. “For someone to give there must be someone else to receive that gift, and of course, the reverse is true. For someone else to give, then another must receive.

“As with the cord, receiving isn’t always from the same person to whom you give. You will often receive back from unexpected sources.

“Also notice that when you give there is no lack because as you are giving, what you receive slips in continuously, allowing continual giving. That is the natural flow. The natural flow of giving and receiving is always going on —there is no life without it.”

Meaning: This message applies to all of creation—people, animals and the planet. Again, you might ‘receive’ from varying forms. Animals love in return, just like people, and sometimes better than people. Contributing in your own loving way fosters a more loving, healthy community, which benefits you and everyone.


Today, practice giving and receiving love with a smile and with gratitude.

“Everything you have is from the Divine. Everything. Including the love that fills you, love that is so freely given to you from your Creator. Everything you receive you first receive from the Divine. When others are giving to you, you are receiving what flowed through them from the Divine. So, whether giving or receiving, it is all from your Source, your Unlimited Supplier.” ~ Jesus, Divine Message from Jesus. p. 365. 2015. Cathey, Carolyne.


Share Truth & do not worry what others think of you.

Quote by Jesus in Divine Messages From Jesus, 2015. Cathey, Carolyne.

“Truth is true always. I love Truth. I share Truth. There is nothing else to share. Love, of course, but Love is Truth. Love is who we all are – Love’s expression. So, be love. Be love at all times. And do not worry what others think of you. Some will criticize, but others will grasp it to their bosoms like a lifeline. You will not please all. Pleasing all is not even a concern or a thought. You present the truth as provided by The Holy Spirit, Jesus, and the Creator. That’s all you have to do.

“Others will respond as is within them, but NEVER water down or soft play the truth because someone might be offended. That is the greatest offense, going for popularity instead of Truth. How do others go beyond their self-defining barriers if you don’t stretch their minds to a greater expansion? If you water down the truth to be less offensive, then you are part of the illusion, you are cheating the listener, contributing the opposite of what is intended.

Only speak the truth without concern for the other’s reaction. Their reaction is their choice. Your choice is Truth. That is all. Truth.” ~ Jesus


* When we are surrounded by and filled with abundance – abundance of unconditional love (that means we are loved anyway), we can’t help but feel gratitude, and even more, to live in a constant state of gratitude.

* Gratitude for joy, beauty, Divine Wisdom and Guidance.

* Gratitude for the places where we live.

  • * Gratitude for our families and friends.
  • * Gratitude for our opportunities for service,

* Gratitude for life itself.

* Gratitude that we are never alone.

 * And even gratitude for life challenges that deepen us, strengthen us, that teach us compassion.

* Gratitude that there is hope and life beyond our fears, and that all we have to do is turn everything over in surrender.

* Gratitude that we are created from God-magnificence because that is all with which God creates, which by default, means that we, too, are magnificent.

* Gratitude that no matter how we use our free will, mistakes or triumph, God is always with us, loving us anyway, supporting us, leading us to the greatness we are meant to experience if we but allow it – and trust.

For what are you grateful?

God bless you.



Six Steps to an Abundant Life

The Gospel of John, Chapter 10, Verse 10: Jesus said, I have come that you may have life, and have it abundantly.

What is abundance?

For the answer, I’d like to share with you a Divine message I received on abundance because for several reasons I was uncomfortable with affluence. Have you ever felt that way? Jesus kept telling me I was wrong, that I misunderstood. So, like you are encouraged to do when you have questions, I asked for the truth. As soon as I ‘thought’ the word ‘abundance’ …

A HUGE fountain flashed into my mind. A fountain larger than anything you see in reality, with sparkling crystal-clear water gushing up high and then falling back down into the top container before overflowing into the next wider container that cascaded noisily into the deep basin below. The water caught the light like diamonds, shimmering and glittering. Never-ending.

“That is Abundance,” Jesus said. “More than you ever need, always free flowing.

“Oddly,” he explained, “some people are afraid of abundance, or that they will feel overwhelmed or it will change their lifestyle or they won’t feel wise enough to handle it well, or they feel guilty experiencing abundance if others are lacking. Or they think in limitation, incorrectly believing there are limited resources and they have less because others have taken more than their fair share.”

“That kind of false thinking means you believe that your abundance comes from outside yourself, when in Reality it comes from inside you, from your True Source, from your Unlimited Supplier.

He added…

“The Highest-Truth-thinking is not to pull everyone down to the lowest level of falsely perceived and illusionary limitation, but to encourage everyone to raise to the highest level of the true limitless abundance that they choose to experience.

Then he asked…

“Out of all the unlimited abundance what do you choose for you?”

I saw an instant image of the entire universe as a buffet table.

“What food dishes off of the unlimited buffet table do you like best? You can’t eat all of the food. That is too much, you choose what you want.

“You deal with abundance in the same way; you use the freely-offered gift and control it by deciding what out of the all of the ever-present abundance brings you pleasure, then select that, in the amount you decide.

“However,” he added, “in thinking about abundance, remember it’s not the material ‘stuff’ that is of the greatest import. It’s trusting in the God-gifts of which it is impossible to have too much – beauty, peace, joy, light, wisdom and love – and all the other God attributes. Open up to all of that abundance that you are willing to allow, for that is where your bliss lies – not with the temporary but with the Eternal.”

Six steps for an abundant life Jesus has taught me:

  1. Choose to live life to the fullest. Decide to experience the highest and best that is possible to experience because that is all God offers – the highest and best. Accepting anything less means you cheat yourself, you cheat the world.
  2. Accept life as the adventure it is. Take risks. Live in joy. Be bold. Live. Laugh. Love. Enjoy. Care. Be. Be who you are at all times – Love
  3. Don’t sit around waiting to die. Even if you’re already ill. The last breath comes soon enough. No matter your age or health, each moment is a new beginning, a new opportunity. Ask God if there is still something you are meant to do while still on this earth plane.
  4. If you feel strongly there is something God wants you to do, go for it. If you don’t, you’ll never know what might have happened if you but had courage. You might always wonder if you missed out on the greatest event that was to happen in your lifetime. One of those life-end regrets that is too late to change.
  5. Commitment: The first step is a doozy. But with that courage, comes Universal Divine support just waiting for our first step. That leap cannot be made for us. We have to choose to do it ourselves. Once we do, it seems miraculous how the Universe supports us in ways we never imagined.
  6. Surrender: I’ve learned that Surrender is more than releasing, it is, in reality, receiving. We have to release the fears and blockages, and then surrender to the Ultimate Force in order to make room to receive all of the fabulous abundance. Don’t we all want to receive whatever is the best for us? Then we have to make room for it. So, we ask God to empty us of all hindrances, fears and negative attitudes and then exclaim we’re ready to receive, with gratitude!

A thought to consider: If you could place an order, like from the menu of abundance, knowing it would be brought for you, what would you ask for? What would you like to do on this earth in this human experience while you are still here to do it? What will you regret if you don’t do it while you’re alive in the physical? Now is your chance. It’s your time! Now, go for it!

God bless you.


Portions of this post are an excerpt from Divine Messages from Jesus for a magnificent life. p. 199-203. Cathey, Carolyne. 2015 


Truth Worth Dying For

If you have been following me, you are aware that Jesus called me to serve with him as part of a spiritual team. FYI, he is eager to co-partner with anyone who says “Use me.” Jesus is now my Spiritual Mentor/Guide and I’m blessed to receive Divine messages that are meant for everyone in order to help us all with our daily lives.

THIS DIVINE MESSAGE shows a better way, a freeing way, an empowering way, the True Way.

I grew up attending a beautiful church. I enjoyed being in the historic Art Deco building with the light streaming like rainbows through the tall stained glass windows. I learned much there and received a wonderful foundation. I also loved reading the Bible daily and read the Bible several times as a youth and an adult, studying authors who pulled the meanings of the words from manuscripts in the original languages.

However, in my studies, I questioned some of the accepted beliefs. One was that meditation was sinful—occult. In reality, meditation is one of the most freeing and rewarding undertakings I’ve ever done. Other beliefs I questioned were that we are born in sin and that Jesus died to save us from our sins. I do believe Jesus died for us, but he did so because he dared to teach the truth—a truth so heretical, it led to the cross.

Vision: One time during a meditation this vision slipped into my mind elucidating the differences between the religion practiced in Jesus’ time, and the truth he dared preach. Your religion doesn’t affect the truth; Christian or not, the truth is the same.

To envision what I experienced:

Imagine you are within a maze made out of tall shrubs higher than your head. In this maze, you can only see the dark, straight-sided shrubs, the pathway, and the rectangle of the heavenly sky that is high above, seemingly beyond your reach. The tall, plant-formed walls represent the man-defined rules and regulations you have to follow to be considered ‘good’. If you make a mistake or break these rules, you must suffer the punishment from a vengeful and jealous God—an eye-for-an- eye retribution and judgment. There are so many claustrophobic walls in this maze that confine and direct, that one wrong turn, and you could get lost—maybe forever.

Then one day, a stranger calling himself Jesus opens a door within the shrub at the end of the pathway and a golden light shines through the opening to guide you to a better way. Enticed, you step from the dark maze into the light. The man-defined walls fall away.

You are now in a meadow, surrounded by wildflowers and fresh air and sunshine and a sky that surrounds you and is part of the air you breathe. There is freedom in this meadow filled with joy, love and laughter.

Jesus said:

“Much of what you’ve been taught to believe is an illusion. Here is the truth:

* God is love, peace, joy and forgiveness, not fear, jealousy, vindictiveness and revenge.

* The Kingdom of God is within you.

* You and God are one.

* If you believe, you can work miracles.

* Your beliefs shape your life.

* The powerful connection I have with God is the same powerful connection for you.”

The leaders of the day during Jesus time were furious, and frightened. The opposing views Jesus taught were a danger to them as a cohesive society. If rebellions occurred because of Jesus’ heretical teachings, the Roman’s could use the uprisings as an excuse to slaughter the Jewish people. Even more, Jesus‘ views threatened the power of the Jewish spiritual leaders and their very existence. To protect the Jewish people as a race, and for their own power, the leaders commanded Jesus to recant, or die.

And yet, despite the anger, the accusations, the betrayal and the threat to his own life, he never wavered from telling the real truth. How many of us might default and express denial to save our own life? How many of us if confronted by a robber who vowed to spare us if we denied our beliefs, whatever they might be, would say anything to save ourselves, knowing we could disavow it later because we, in our hearts, didn’t believe it? We would merely be doing what we had to do to survive.

* The strength of Jesus’ message, of his sacrifice, is that he didn’t merely preach his truth, or live it when convenient. He lived his truth, unto death.

So in essence, he did die for us, by giving his life so that we, too, would know that truth. He spread his messages to all who would hear and he lived according to his ‘knowing’ of the truth.

By living his truth, he changed the world. How different would the world be if he hadn’t done so? How different would the world be if you lived your truth?

Meaning: The challenge is in knowing what that truth is and daring to live it. As Jesus said, the eternal truth is the eternal truth and is beyond any man-defined interpretations which are often twisted according to particular agendas. The only way to know the real truth is from the Inner Divine Source. Even the knowing of truth is challenging. How do you know that what you are hearing, sensing from within your Inner God connection is accurate?

You are to ask Jesus, listen, then ask again, until you are certain, without doubt, that you are receiving the God-truth. Don’t depend on anyone else to decide that truth for you. Yes, you receive the truth from talks and books and from other’s hearts. But are they the real truth? What rings true for you? The responsibility for that ‘knowing’ is up to you, along with your Divine Guide. What if you follow someone else’s claim of what is the truth, only to realize later they were wrong?

Work with your spiritual mentor in co-creating your life and learning the eternal truth. Beware teachings claiming that only they know the real God, and that if you believe otherwise you are damned. Those claims are not the truth. How can you know? Because—

God is love. It’s that easy.

You are responsible, with Divine guidance, for learning your own truth, then living it. In doing so, you’ll change your own world, which changes the world around you.

“The powerful connection I have with God is the same powerful connection for you.” ~ Jesus

The post is an excerpt from Divine Messages from Jesus for a magnificent life. p. 25-29. Cathey, Carolyne. 2015