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The Shocking Revelation

If you have been following me, you are aware that Jesus called me to serve with him as part of a spiritual team. FYI, he is eager to co-partner with anyone who says “Use me.” Jesus is now my Spiritual Mentor/Guide and I’m blessed to receive Divine messages that are meant for everyone in order to help us all with our daily lives.

ONE OF THE most shocking revelations from Jesus is a truth that might alarm you, a truth I fought to disbelieve and was stubborn about accepting. However, stay with me on this before you pass judgment on what seems like a heretical statement. This truth is for you, too. For everyone.

What is this outrageous truth?

Through meditations, visions and conversations, Jesus repeatedly made clear to me—

He doesn’t want to be worshiped!

At first, I didn’t believe that message. How could I not worship him? The thought made me ill. Even worse, what if I misunderstood what he was trying to tell me?

Jesus said:

“I seek partners. I can best accomplish Divine work through you, with you as my hands, my voice and my presence, which is more difficult to accomplish when you are on your knees, head down, acting falsely as if you are separate, incapable and unworthy. Believing yourself weak and unworthy means you hold back, are hesitant, and are, in actuality, a hindrance. You believe a lie. That is not the truth of who you are.

“When you, God’s creation, consider yourself unworthy, unimportant, ‘only me’, you insult your Creator. What I seek with you is the embodiment of the truth of our Oneness, for you to allow eternal truth messages to flow through you to a spiritually-hungry world. To succeed with the most impact, you need to reorient to who you really are—a child of God, created by God from God. You couldn’t be more priceless, because you are created from the greatest there is.”

How do I know this is the truth? Because of the visions:

Whenever I tried to kneel in worship to him, he caught me before my knees touched the ground and pulled me to a standing position, insisting we are partners, a team.

 He said:

“I am your spiritual guide. Spiritual beings in human form are crucial to the partnership so that I can help the world, through you, especially when you stand strong in God-confidence.”

The one time I did succeed in kneeling before him, he immediately knelt with me, joining with me as one, saying:

“We truly are a team. I will meet you on whatever level you are.

“I ask you to allow me to work through you. I ask you to serve as a doorway through which spiritual truths flow. The one who benefits most is you.“

This message does seem in opposition to what we’ve been taught by others, and yet the truth shines through.

He said:

“God works best work with you, not as a worshiper who has falsely separated yourself from your Source (which is impossible), but as a partner.

“There is nothing to fear. I’m not going to ask you to do anything you don’t love and enjoy. You always have free choice. What will come through you is love. Love, for yourself and others. Embodying that love in all you say and do.”

The key: Jesus said…

“The key is in ‘allowing’ me to work through you. You are a vital part in the Divine plan, but I will never force you. You must be willing and available, and to give your permission. I wait for you to invite me in to your heart and say ‘Use me’. Then know that what comes through you is joy and harmony and all aspects of abundant love.”

Meaning: The meaning is clear, but the traditional teachings are more difficult to overcome. At first it feels heretical not to worship Jesus. I had to work past the traditional learning to what Jesus assures me is the truth. I finally understand that what he tells me makes perfect sense and I can see why Jesus is insistent he wants partners, not worshipers.

Worshipers are more work, to be honest. You have to drag protesting people to get them past the many misperceived barriers (lies) to accomplish anything. Barriers such as fear, hesitation, feelings of unworthiness and other negative thoughts. That is hard work. And time consuming.

Because people have free will, they make all kinds of excuses why not to do something and why they aren’t good enough. “Surely, God, you don’t mean me? I’m nobody. I can’t do it. I don’t have the skill. My mind is playing tricks on me to make me think you actually want me. Why me?” The excuses make me feel tired just to write them and, even more, makes me want to say, “Fine! Then I’ll go to someone who is willing to let me work through them. There is a job to do.”

To the contrary, a partner is ready to go. They have an equal stake in the outcome. They realize they are an important cog in the gears of the Universe because of their usefulness to the Divine, or why bother to exist? The conversation switches from “Why me?” to “Use me!”

This message is well worth your taking the time and effort to re-shift your thinking from the traditional to the truth. You are important. And really, doesn’t it make sense? That we serve as a Divine communication tool to help us and all of humanity? Agreeing is so simple. Merely ask. Invite.

“To succeed with the most impact, you need to reorient to who you really are—a child of God, created by God from God. How precious is that? You couldn’t be more priceless. You are created from the greatest there is.” ~ Jesus

The post is an excerpt from Divine Messages from Jesus for a magnificent life. p. 19-23. Cathey, Carolyne. 2015 



Traditions and Misconceptions

If you have been following me, you are aware that Jesus called me to serve with him as part of a spiritual team. FYI, he is eager to co-partner with anyone who says “Use me.” Jesus is now my Spiritual Mentor/Guide and I’m blessed to receive Divine messages that are meant for everyone in order to help us all with our daily lives.

WELL-MEANING BUT incorrect teachings and traditions are difficult to overcome. After I started receiving Divine messages, I became confused and full of doubt because Jesus was taking me in completely different directions from what I had been taught as eternal truth. There is a lot of guilt attached to letting go of what we’ve been taught is God’s truth. I struggled with what to believe and not believe about what I had been taught growing up (not from my parents, but from church and society).

In a vision I received during a meditation:

Jesus and I merged as one, soaring high above the world and into the darkness of space. We swooped lower, flying over the night-blanketed ocean toward lights glowing on the distant shoreline. As we approached, we entered an ancient village, like in the Middle East in biblical times, with wheat-colored stucco buildings lined along narrow, dusty streets and people dressed in long robes and head coverings.

A white light spread out from the God within me casting a shimmering luminosity on the buildings and people.

Suddenly I was on the ground and bound in brown leather tethers. I couldn’t move! I couldn’t breathe! No matter how hard I struggled the leather held me imprisoned within the claustrophobic bindings. Panicked I mentally cried out for release.

As soon as I called out, Jesus lifted me and the tethers broke, freeing me. Breathing oxygen deep into my lungs, I spread my arms wide in joy, freedom and gratitude.

Jesus said:

“Like with the leather tethers, you are sometimes bound by old traditions and misconceptions that aren’t necessarily the truth. These man-defined restrictions hamper you from knowing the truth, even burdening you with guilt for questioning, binding you to false teachings.

“When you trust in your Creator, the Source shines the radiant, glowing light of truth within you, guiding you to what is real, liberating you from spiritually-impeding beliefs.

“By recognizing the truth, you are loosed from the misconceptions holding you in bondage and preventing your spiritual growth. You are freed to experience a truth that might be different from what you’ve been taught by well-meaning others who have done their best to explain the unexplainable.

“After those bonds of misconception are broken, you can truly grow and experience the fullness God intends for you.

“Open to new spiritual discoveries that allow you to expand into the boundless infinite that is not man-defined, but God-refined—freed from the impurities of false traditions and misconceptions.

The post is an excerpt from Divine Messages from Jesus for a magnificent life. p. 15-17. Cathey, Carolyne. 2015 

Dare to Live Your Truth!

If you have been following me, you are aware that Jesus called me to serve with him as part of a spiritual team. FYI, he is eager to co-partner with anyone who says “Use me.” Jesus is now my Spiritual Mentor/Guide and I’m blessed to receive Divine messages that are meant for everyone in order to help us all with our daily lives.

THE FOLLOWING IS a true story. This is a personal experience I’m using as an inspiration for you to live your truth despite negative outside pressure. I’m including a particular occasion to demonstrate that dissension often comes from unexpected sources, increasing the challenges to stay true to who you are. This isn’t to show how noble and pure I am over and above anyone else, because we are all equal in God’s eyes. To the contrary, it is merely an example of the choices we are led to make, and how the results of those choices affect our everyday lives.

* Truth is the truth, no matter the messenger and no matter the specific religion or no religion. Truth is still the truth. It is beyond dogma, beyond man-defined illusory boundaries.

The challenge is that humans have finite minds. Those minds perceive from distorted viewpoints, from the smaller picture, often from flawed information passed down through the generations. Some of what has and is being taught are biased interpretations from past agendas such as for maintaining power of and control over others through fear.

Because of mistaken fear-teachings, there are many wounded Christians and other souls who want nothing to do with Jesus, or Christianity, or a specific religion. There are many Christians who are afraid to open their hearts and minds to a wider truth beyond the man-created and mistaken boundaries into which they laughingly try to cram the Infinite.

What I’m suggesting here is to look beyond the inaccurate fear-based boundaries to the eternal truth. To question, to look within, instead of blindly accepting someone else’s viewpoint. What if they are wrong and you’ve spent your entire life following a lie?

* The responsibility for your truth lies with you. Go within. Co-partner with the Divine for knowing the eternal truth. Don’t be afraid to question your spiritual mentor/God, or to argue, because arguing merely means you don’t yet understand. Keep asking. Listening. Until it lights up as an ‘aha!’ within you.

What is important is for you is to live your truth.

Example: I was in a spiritual group class composed of wonderful people where I was informed by an adamant few that I could no longer say ‘Jesus’, or ‘Christ’, or ‘Christ Consciousness’. In fact, no one was to mention the name of any historic spiritual leader. I was told that even the word ‘faith’ is uncomfortable for people, as is ‘God’. I understand that some people are wounded because of being raised in a strict, hell-fire type religion with a punishing, vengeful God, but you aren’t to surrender to their fears, you are to surrender to and live your own truth.

In this instance, their fears were definitely not my truths and I chose what was right for me. As you know from The Calling in the first chapter of this book, I was personally called by Jesus to serve as God’s instrument, which means that Jesus is very real to me. To pretend otherwise is a lie.

* Please realize that this is a dedication of service that is available to you and to everyone. I’m certainly not over and above anyone else, nor am I less than anyone else. It only means that I said ‘yes’ when called. Everyone has different missions and purposes to fill, various skills to offer, and none is better or more superior than another. I discuss this more in a Divine Message later in the book, called Are Your Goals Spiritual Enough?

However, to agree with a few people’s demands meant that I chose to live a lie in order to ‘fit’ in. I was even told that if I didn’t agree, I should move to a different church. My spirit rebelled against such false limitations, like being crammed into a fake spiritual prison of someone else’s mistaken creation caused by fear.

* By the way, your mentor might be a different Spiritual Entity or Angel or Archangel or Ascended Master. There is no hierarchy because all are from the same Source, serving the same Source.

Here was my emailed reply to the class:

“I do appreciate the discussion today. I totally understand all of your positions on this topic that is difficult for so many.

“Although I understand, I’m saddened by the decision. To include all faiths would be so much richer and deeper than this ‘homogenized’ version of spirituality decided upon. Truths are truths no matter which spiritual leader brought them to us. What is exciting is to discuss all of them and the sharing of those truths, and what makes them truths. By forbidding the names of those who gave so much to bring us these truths seems shallow, a surface spirituality, without depth.

“What is disappointing is that I had difficulty with some of the traditional churches because of their man-made boundaries and barriers they constructed that are way too small to encompass all that is God. The rules and regulations of what is, and what is not, were far too limiting for the Universal Source. I thought your group was different, that you were all-inclusive, respecting all faiths. With this latest decision of banned words you’ve established the very dogma you resent in traditional churches. You have developed your own set of man-defined boundaries, rules and restrictions that would even exclude the founder of this particular spiritual philosophy if he were he alive today.

“I was thinking after the meeting of what our historic spiritual leaders would have accomplished if they had watered down their truth-messages so as not to offend anyone. You’d not even have heard of their names, much less their messages. Jesus offended the majority of the religious leaders of his time, and I assume the same could be said about Gandhi, Buddha, and the other spiritual leaders that sacrificed so much to enlighten us on the truth. In fact, not offending anyone is impossible–a delusion.

“I respect your decision, just like I respect and admire all of you, and I understand that you are seeking to establish a ‘healing’ church, a very noble goal.

“But I realized today that I have nothing to offer you. If, according to you, I can’t publicly acknowledge Jesus my spiritual mentor, or say the word ‘faith’, and have been told that I shouldn’t even say “Thank You, God’ because some people ‘might’ envision a bearded man on a throne, then I am at a loss as how to share what I hope will be of benefit to others—and I do feel led to share the revelations of my meditations.

“If I stay with your group, then I must decide not to live my truth in exchange for acceptance. I’ve done that for most of my life. But now, the thought of squelching or denying my personal, spiritual experiences in order to be accepted, cramps my stomach; it’s too confining, too claustrophobic; I choose a truer path for me where I can relax and breath freely. I know I will surely fit in somewhere, I just don’t know yet where that might be. I also thank all of you for the sharing of your hearts and spirituality. You are joy-filled, loving people.

“I also know that the very one all of you would have me keep secret and hidden is the one who led me here—Jesus.

“Again, thank all of you for your love and the richness you’ve added to my life. If you wish to discuss anything, just let me know.

“God bless.”

The results: The spiritual leader of the group agreed for us to be inclusive, having disagreed for several years with the fear-based dictates of exclusion. I later learned that other members were also unhappy with the restrictions but were afraid to speak up. Although there were growing-pains involved, we are now free to mention any religion and/or spiritual leaders in order to garner the eternal truth from each.

Like you in all situations, I had a choice. If I had accepted the fear-based regulations in order to belong, then there would have been no personal or group growth or spiritual expansion. Not only that, in giving in to the others’ fears, we would have been enabling their woundedness instead of encouraging healing. Making the right choice enhanced the quality of my life, and others. The same is true for you.

* You, too, might have to make a choice whether to be popular or to be true to yourself. Have faith, trust, and the courage, with Divine Love, to choose what is in alignment with eternal truth.

I realize the shift wasn’t from me, alone, but from the Power of the Universe working through me. Even so, I could have decided either way, with less than desirable results, demonstrating how important it is to live your Truth.

Meaning: Live your truth.

I’m not sitting in judgment for the ones in the group who, out of fear and woundedness, attempted to control what others thought and said in order to protect their fears without having to face them. They are wonderful people and I love them as God loves them.

*What is important for you to know is what the truth is for you. You determine that truth by going inside to your Divine Power that knows the truth, knows you, and knows what is best for you. Life is precious. Don’t waste it living someone else’s life according to someone else’s rules. Live by Divine truths. Live your truth.

“Always live your Truth. With integrity. With courage. With compassion. With forgiveness. Without exception.” ~ Jesus. Divine Messages from Jesus for a magnificent life. p. 36. Cathey, Carolyne. 2015 

The post is an excerpt from Divine Messages from Jesus for a magnificent life. p. 37-43. Cathey, Carolyne. 2015 


Dare to Live Your Truth

Quote about Daring to Live Your Truth, from Jesus in “Divine Messages from Jesus” book by Carolyne Cathey

“Truth is true always. I love truth. I share truth. There is nothing else to share. Love, of course, but love is truth. Love is who we all are—love’s expression. So, be love. Be love at all times. And do not worry about what others think of you. Some will criticize, but others will grasp the truth to their bosom like a lifeline.

“You will not please all. Pleasing all is not even a concern or a thought. You present the truth as provided by The Holy Spirit, Jesus, and the Creator. That’s all you have to do.

“Others will respond according to their perceived view—illusion or truth—but never water down or soft play the truth because someone might be offended. That is the greatest offense, going for popularity instead of truth. How do others go beyond their self-defining barriers if you don’t stretch their minds to a greater expansion? If you water down the truth to be less offensive, then you are part of the illusion, you are cheating the listener, contributing the opposite of what is intended. Only speak the truth, but without concern for the other’s reaction. Their reaction is their choice. Your choice is truth. That is all. Truth.”

~ Jesus, from “Divine Messages from Jesus for a magnificent life” by Carolyne Cathey

NEW DATE! “DIVINE COMMUNICATION – Trusting Your Intuition”

NEW DATE! YOU ARE INVITED TO an interactive discussion on “Divine Communication Trusting Your Intuition”, 9/12/2019, facilitated by Carolyne Cathey, author, teacher and spiritual counselor. Church of the Red Rocks, 54 Bowstring Drive, Sedona AZ. 

Carolyne asks, “How might you benefit if you strengthened your intuition-connection with the Wisest Mind in the Universe?” She will share the different ways you receive these messages, and how to tell if the they are real, or your imagination.

For example, have you…

  • Heard an inner voice that had the perfect answer, but you didn’t know whether to trust it?
  • Had a flash of an ‘aha’ thought or idea?
  • Wondered or prayed about something and all of a sudden a book falls open to the perfect answer, or you hear a snippet of a conversation or song lyrics that has exactly what you are looking for?
  • Had a dream that seemed unusually powerful or colorful, like a message dream?
  • Just ‘known’ something in your gut or in your heart and you didn’t know the details, but you just ‘knew’?

Carolyne invites you to raise awareness of the continual Divine Communication that is available to all of us, a powerful gift to each of us from God.


Celebrating the Joy of the Beatitudes


Audio Recording: Joy of the Beatitudes, right sidebar on Home Page>>>>>>>

“TRUTH isn’t about the messenger, it’s about the message. I didn’t create the Truth that I willingly gave my physical life to share with the world. I merely illuminated what was always and is forever true— the eternal truth for everyone—because if what I embodied and lived was for only one person, what was the point? My life and messages serve as examples of what everyone can be—what you can be, and are. It doesn’t matter who gets the credit because only one truly receives the credit—the Originator, the Creator, the Infinite, God.” ~ Jesus, “Divine Messages from Jesus”

The Beatitudes, Gospel of Matthew, Chapter 5, vs 3-12, the beginning of the Sermon on the Mount

The Beatitudes, or blessings, or the be-attitudes, are the core of the core teachings Jesus came here to share. Power fills these declarations of joy.

The phrase “blessed are,” when the original Greek word is translated accurately, means “Oh, the godlike joy of…” The reason that is important is they are celebrations of what exists right now, at this moment. They are exultant shouts of joy for the Divine blessings that nothing in this physical world can ever take away from us.

Please listen to the audio recording shown on the right sidebar (Joy of the Beatitudes) , or read in the 2018-09-16 JOY OF THE BEATITUDES, for how the original meaning of the words Jesus used inspires us to celebrate the joy when we open our hearts and minds to the Eternal Truth. Please listen carefully, because these sayings might instill an inner shift within you, changing your life in amazing ways.

I give much credit to William Barclay’s “The Gospel of Matthew, Vol. 1” from which I gathered the original meanings of Jesus words in Greek and Aramaic, and also copied some of the wording he used so beautifully. I love studying the Barclay series for their in-depth history and definitions and give thanks to Barclay for giving his life so that we may better understand these incredible teachings.



The Miracle of Being

“The Miracle of Being” audio and PDF is a talk I presented to the Center for Spiritual Living Ukiah (CA) on 9/9/2018.  (See the right sidebar for the audio player on “The Miracle of Being”)

 A quote from the talk:

 “Your being here, right here, at this moment, is a miracle. This “You are Here” moment is an adventure. This moment is your opportunity out of the immensity of infinity to co-create your life in a temporary setting as a human being in this specific place out of the entirety of the universe. Make it the best life you choose to make it. Accept the adventure for what it is. Take risks. Live in joy. Be bold. Live. Laugh. Love. Enjoy. Care. Be. Be who you are. Love.”  Jesus, “Divine Messages from Jesus”

You are invited to listen to this inspirational talk on our making our temporary physical lives the highest and best possible while on this planet. May the talk inspire you as well.

The PDF version of 18-9-9 UKIAH The Miracle of Being