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Do you limit yourself? If so why?

“There is only one thing in this universe that can surround you with limitation, and that is accepting the outer appearance instead of the mighty, active presence of God in you.”
The I AM Discourses, v 3 p 7

NEW RELEASE! THE WAGER – Fiction Historical Romance, England 1284 AD



The Wager, by Carolyne Cathey

Now available for  preview and purchase!

How much will Lord Kyle Jeopardize to honor his lust-driven wager with the peasant, Eleanor?  His life?

Eleanor, a peasant, escaped the nuns at the convent who punished her as a witch because of her prophetic dreams.  And yet, when Lord Kyle of Trystonwood rescues her, she realizes he is the knight in her vision. Lord Kyle interprets her prophecy to his advantage – that she belongs to him as his bedmate.  When Eleanor refuses, Kyle proposes a rash and dangerous wager is a game of chess that tempts her to risk her innocence.

The wager? If he wins, she’ll serve him as leman. If she wins, she’ll become his lady.

Lord Kyle knows peasants are forbidden to wed knights, especially when Kind Edward who cries treason at even minor slights has strongly suggested Kyle wed the king’s cousin.  The king would not be amused.

But Kyle is a knight!  A female peasant would never beat him at a game of chess.

As to Eleanor’s confessed visions, Kyle, too, dreams of a dragon.  Is the dragon King Edward?  Or Eleanor?  or is Eleanor truly a witch who has cast a deadly spell on him?


Second place in the Northeast Oklahoma’s Romance Author’s Crystal Heart contest.

Kindle book now available for preview and purchase.  

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Carolyne Cathey