Speaking Engagements, Workshops


Sunday, April 22, 11 am, Carolyne speaks on “The WOW of our Spiritual Earth Journey” at Mendocino Center for Spiritual Living’s The Gathering Place, west hallway in the Union Lumber Company Store, 303 N. Main, Fort Bragg, CA. Map

“The WOW of our Spiritual Earth Journey”. Carolyne shares three of the Divine visions from the “Divine Messages from Jesus” book: “The Interconnecting Web”; “One Source”; and “Enjoy the Journey”, to explore the existence of the interconnecting web, our Oneness with creation, and the WOW factor of our own Spiritual Earth journey. How do we fit in to all of this? Why are we here on planet Earth? How does the truth enhance our lives?

Sunday, May 27, 10 am, Carolyne facilitates a discussion at the Westport Church on “Creative Problem Solving: Deepening Trust in Our Inner Wisdom”. Map

Carolyne says that becoming more powerful means learning to rely more on our Inner Wisdom to solve problems. We do this by deepening the trust in ourselves and our abilities. As part of our discussion, we’ll explore our inner world through a creative problem solving exercise. Think of a problem you’d like to solve, and then we’ll experiment by going inward for the solution.
Prepare to amaze yourself!

Sunday, June 10, 10 am, Carolyne leads a discussion at the Westport Church.

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